How To Save On Office Equipment


When managing an office, every little expense counts. Items as inconspicuous as office supplies and equipment can either help you or hurt you, depending on how well you manage them.

Some items can hurt your balance sheets without you noticing, while others, such as those offered by JJ Bender, can save you a lot of time and money.Looking for ways to manage your office supplies? Here is a guide on How To Save On Office Equipment.

  1. Take Advantage Of Bulk Purchases

Never underestimate the power of bulk purchases. While buying in bulk may be heavy on your wallet, it pays off in the long run.

To put it in perspective: if you’re willing to save 20¢ on toilet paper for your home, saving hundreds of dollars on office supplies should seem like a very logical choice. So, the next time you buy anything for your office, make sure you’re thinking long-term.

  1. Have A Supply Station

When office supplies are communal, people tend to act more responsibly towards them. Furthermore, having a supply station reinforces the idea that supplies belong to the office, not to individual employees.

  1. Invest In Energy Efficient Equipment

It goes without saying that you should invest in equipment that saves you money, not waste it. While energy efficient equipment is usually more expensive (although newer models, not so much), it can save you a lot in electricity costs and repairs in the long run.

Need durable and efficient printers and scanners for your office? Check out for the best bargains on the market.

  1. Find Generic Or Cheaper Brands

Many times, brands are inconsequential, especially when it comes to basics. While certain brands do provide better quality, generic items are slowly but surely catching up.

Next time you go office shopping, scan the aisles for bargains. When you discover a good generic, you can save hundreds up to thousands of dollars per purchase.

  1. Set Up A Corporate Account For Supplies

Large office supply chains such as OfficeMax and Staples offer incentives and services for businesses. Not only do they give perks and discounts, they also provide systems so you can monitor and manage all the supplies purchased on behalf of your company. What is more, these systems allow you to set guidelines and limits on which items your employees can purchase.

If you want to shop for your supplies online, you can set up a free account under Amazon for Business. Amazon can connect you directly to wholesalers who can offer similar types of online ordering systems and inventory management.

  1. Mind Your Usage

The five previous pointers are only half the battle. What matters more than how you acquire your equipment is how you manage it. Keeping everyone in the office conscious of their usage is a great way to maximize your office supplies.

Develop guidelines and implement systems of accountability for the use of office supplies and equipment. The more responsible people feel towards office resources, the more likely they will respect office supplies and equipment.

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