How to Select the Best American DNS Codes to Secure Your Internet


Despite everyone’s campaign to have the internet free and safe with individual privacy being protected, that is not really the case. There is a wide range of content that is blocked either through censorship by the governments or geo-restricted policies. On the other hand the proliferation of third parties seeking to find information about users and what they are surfing, targeted advertising, hackers and people out to commit fraud. This creates a need for having a way to secure the internet and still get to watch what you want by passing all the set restrictions. Getting American DNS codes to secure your internet is the best solution to both these problems.

There are three ways you can go about this. You can either choose using a VPN service, a smart DNS service or the Proxy server. Each of these methods have different advantages and their failings. Proxy services were the first method and they still work especially in corporate scenes. The only problem with them is they tend to slow down the speeds for streaming content from sites like Netflix and HBO. This is because they redirect all the traffic between the internet and the computer slowing the speeds. It is also an old school way of unblocking the locked up sites.

The two currently popular ways are using VPN and smart DNS services. These two however, differ in terms of cost, speed, and security. A smart DNS is more flexible since it handles specific traffic you want only leaving you with your usual operations. It provides lesser security compared to the VPN service and it is much cheaper. A VPN service is an all-round package and a great way to get American Netflix DNS codes. You get a number of profession security encryption ensuring your messages are safe from preying eyes.

The challenge is selecting the right company to give your of either three services. You need to get a company that is willing to provide a free trial period. Avoid free services especially those coming with adverts. Some free services could give you DNS codes that lead to a rogue site while others will be milling for your information to sell to other parties. Get a service that offers a through explanation on every step on how you will get the codes and the kind of service you can expect. Look at online reviews and the customer satisfaction in different discussion forums

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