How to Unblock Websites


Many people are asking a very simple question now a days and that is “How to Unblock Websites”. Reason behind this question is the ban on different popular websites, for example youtube and many other websites are blocked in Pakistan after the order of Government.. of Pakistan and as well as social media websites are blocked in schools and colleges. I create this post for those who asking these questions How to unblock websites, or asking about how to unblock websites at school. As we all know every user of internet can not be entertained without using youtube because it is very entertaining and informative website. I have many solution for this problem. These solutions are commonly known as “unblock websites”, “website unblocker proxies” and “unblock websites softwares”. Most common solution to unblock websites like youtube is to browse through by proxy websites, but i don’t recommend this method because it can slow your speed of internet. Following are some most famous and usefull softwares to unblock websites like youtube.

1: Web Freer

The best software to access or unblock websites is Web Freer.
This is a browser like chrome that will connect through a proxy server that will allow you to unblock all websites.
If you are in school and want to know how to unblock websites at school? just follow the instructions.
First download Web freer browser from this Link Free Download
Then extract the zip file
Open Extracted Zip folder and run web freer.exe file
After installation open web freer and get access to all block websites

2: Hotspot Shield

on second place i prefer hotspot shield to gain access to restricted websites. it a kind of script program. download hotspot shield from the given link and install it on your computer. Run hotspot shield and surf the web you want.

3: Spotflux Free VPN

On my list of “how to open block websites” softwares list is Spotflux. This is pretty much like Hotspot Shield. Install Spotflux from the given link and install it on your computer. Run the software, it will secure your connection which means it will hide your ip address which allows you to access all blocked websites.

Above three are best softwares to unblock websites, secure connection, hide my ip and bypass proxy server according to my point of view. Download one of them and enjoy. Do let me know about your experiance about these software with commenting below. Dont forget to subscribe to my blog for more usefull computer tips, tricks and tutorials.

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