Important Factors to Consider When Using Unified Communications Systems


Running a successful modern business involves being aware of all the latest technology and the best way to use this technology to improve the service your business can offer. There are many different ways to achieve this but unified communications systems must be a part of your establishment if you wish to progress as a business.

Unified communications systems will allow you to connect your social media postings to your internal software and your telephone system. This will ensure that every post you make reaches all the people it needs to; without wasting time repeating these posts.

Whether you have already installed unified communications systems or are considering it as the next step for your business. There are a range of factors which you must consider to ensure you get the best out of your system:

Mobile Connections

Your landline phone system should connect with your mobile network and the services available on both systems should be available to users of both. This means that anyone using the landline can message people and video call, whilst mobile users should be able to conference call.

The benefit of this use of unified communications systems is obvious; your staff will be far more efficient and able to deal with any issue they come across.

This will also ensure your staff are able to communicate easily with each other.

File Sharing

Unified communications systems will also enable your staff to share files. This will be beneficial when brainstorming or instigating new products and procedures. File sharing is generally possible through a variety of apps and the cloud. However, it is important to bring this system in line with the other systems within your establishment; this is what unified communications systems are created to do.

Email Hosting

Unified communications systems should include your email hosting services as this can be a time consuming task if left to be dealt with by your own staff. The right system will host your email, integrate it with your other communication systems and even ensure your security and anti-spam software is working to the best of its ability.

The email and communications systems can even be linked to a variety of Google apps; these can be very beneficial when sharing information between staff and even different sites.


To have a truly effective unified communications system you will need to ensure it is linked with your back office support and software. This is vital to allow the sharing of information across your firm and to direct the right messages to your customers.

Back office will maintain the records of your customers and a good communications system can keep these details safe whilst utilizing them to generate the best possible leads and repeat sales.

Choosing unified communications systems means finding a firm which has a good reputation and whose product at least the above benefits. There are many more which can be added to your system and used to great effect; the above is simply the essential starting point.

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