Important SEO Improvements to Increase Traffic


One of the best ways to increase the overall traffic to your website is to increase the visitor experience when they arrive on your homepage. This page is going to tell a potential customer whether or not they want to do business with you in less than five seconds. When your homepage is crammed with videos that open immediately, sounds that begin playing, and pop-ups that interfere with the visitor experience, you can expect them to leave your site instantly. The key to keeping the visitor on your website is by making that first impression that keeps them involved and interacting with all your content. Professional SEO services understand that by creating a professional homepage, you make it much easier to get that visitor to want to utilize your products or services.

Because the homepage is where your visitors will land 80% of the time, it is important to getting that top section of your website properly optimized. Professional SEO services can implement a navigation bar across the top of the website that acts like a road map for all your guests. Nothing can be more frustrating than landing on a website and wasting time scrolling through pages looking for important information. If your website sells clothing, it is vital that the navigation bar includes links to a return policy, privacy policy, store hours, size charts, testimonials, and the about us page for the company. These links make it simple for the potential customer to get all the information they need with the click of a mouse.

One page many website owners neglect on their websites is a frequently asked questions page. This page is one of the most important areas that can make or break the potential for getting a sale. No one likes to look around for an answer, and then wind up emailing you for that information. When a buyer is ready to make a purchase, you need to make that as easy as possible for them to take out their credit card and hit the by button. The frequently asked questions page is basically a compilation of all the concerns your past customers may have had.

Go through all the questions and concerns many other buyers had in the past, and list them all on one page. Imagine you were the customer, and simply answer all those questions before they have the opportunity to ask them. The buyer can scan the page, find the question, get the answer, and then make the purchase. Find more tips and tricks on Download Showbox for Android.

The bottom of your homepage has some real estate that many website owners do not utilize. SEO services will take that footer and implement some links that are going to help improve the ranking of your website. This is where links to high authority websites related to your niche will go. In addition this is where a sitemap link is placed so when the search engine spiders crawl the home page, they instantly can find this road map that will lead them to all the pages on your website that needs to be crawled.

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