Important things to know when buying a TV


Your home becomes live only when you have a good looking LED TV in the main hall. Most of the present generation consider buying a TV before they invite everyone to their new house celebration. At present, there are several brands in the market with different sized TVs to meet the aesthetic needs of the home, expectation, and the budget of the customers. TVs are provided with excellent features with varied prices to assure a best smart TV for everyone in the present world. Now you can purchase the best TV for your home without wandering at the street stores since there are online tech lifestyle stores to bring the electronic supermarket to your computer screens.

Important things to consider

There are some important things to consider when buying TV to make it perfectly suit the requirements and fit the size of the room. Some of the important things to consider include size of the room, budget, killer features of TV including resolution, screen size, energy efficiency, etc. Since there are several brands available in the market, it is certainly a good idea to depend on a comparison cum sales online store like killer features to have a look at the features of different TVs and to get the best deals on the same. Some of the important features that should come under your consideration include the following.

  • Screen Size

The biggest and first factor that comes in the decision of most of the people is the screen size. Yes, it is the size that gives a theatrical effect in the available room size. There is no doubt that 55-inch TV can attract you so much if you are ready with the budget. But it won’t give the real effect you expect unless you have such a big hall to place the TV. If you are sitting at just 4 feet away from the viewing spot, then it is better to go for a 32-inch TV that is preferred by most of the people. If your room is not big enough to give a viewing distance of at least 4 feet, then it is better to prefer the TV size below 32 inches to get an excellent viewing experience of TV.

32-inch better suit for normal houses and prefer 55-inch if you have a large room and several members to watch TV.

  • Screen resolution

This indicates the sharpness of the picture. Present models have moved from HD to Full HD and Ultra HD (4K) TVs. Resolution is measured usually in terms of horizontal lines of the pixels. This is not an important point to consider since most of the brands are already providing high-resolution TVs. But if you are specific to the features, then keep in mind that bargain HD set provides only 720p when other Full HD TVs support 1080 p. But if you are future-oriented, it is the time to skip even 1080p sets also and to move to Ultra HD or 4K TVs that comes with 4 times the picture resolution of Full HD TVs.

Full HD TVs are still the fast-moving options today. Prefer 4ks if you like to future-proof your investment.

  • HDR

HDR which means high definition range is the new feature that is applicable only for 4K or Ultra HD TVs and is not meant for TVs that have screen resolution up to 1080p. This stands for the ability to deliver more colours, increases brightness, and more contrast level. Don’t give utmost importance to this feature since the standards are yet to be settled. But if you look for the best in HDR for the time being, then it is better to prefer the HDR TV compatible with Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision format seems to gain momentum in HDR TVs.

  • Refresh rate

Refresh rate tells the numbers of times the picture gets refreshed on the screen per second. The refresh rate is expressed in Hertz (Hz). The standards rate is 60 Hz that means 60 times per second. But this rate makes the picture to look jittery or blurry in the scenes with quick moving objects especially on LCD and LED TVs. This is the reason why present models of TVs comes with 120 Hz and goes to even 800 Hz.

Some TVs boast to have High-Frame Rate (HFR). This means that it uses both high refresh rates and an added support for the content that carries refresh rate more than 60Hz. HFR is the best feature to watch live sports in the present and coming years.

It is not a good idea to buy a TV with less than 120 Hz.

  • Curved Screens

This is another added innovative feature to attract customer’s attention. This screen is mostly used in 4K LCDs and OLED TVs. This is introduced to provide more immersive watching experience for the viewers. Not only, the curved screens lack any of the special technical benefits, but they have some disadvantages also. This screen doesn’t provide the best view for the people sitting in all parts of the room. Most of the real users have come with the suggestion that the curved screen doesn’t deliver any difference in viewing experience for making the extra investment.

Curved TVs are just an additional feature to add some extra cost without delivering any notable difference in the viewing experience.

  • HDMI and connections

Most of the TVs provide sufficient HDMI ports and other connection facilities. Have a check for the connection features and make sure that the TV has at least 4 HDMI connections if you love to spend a decent amount and it should support USB to access and social media integration.

Look for a minimum of 4 HDMI connections and ask for HDCP compatibility in 4K TVs.

These are some of the important tips that help you a lot in selecting the right TV for your home. Keep a good balance between the rate and features of TV. Visit the reputed online lifestyle store like to get the excellent deals in TVs to save a good amount on your purchase.

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