Improving Your Content Marketing Workflow


The majority of content marketers are currently not approaching workflow the right way, which is devastating considering that it’s now such as important time for content marketers – with many companies investing in content marketing more than ever before.

Studies have shown that a lot of content marketers have verbal strategies in place, however, fail to document their plans also. Did you know that effectiveness increases when strategies are both documented and communicated?

According to one SEO company in Lancashire there should always be five stages to content marketing workflow, and these are:

Ideation/request process

  • Ensure that all work requests come in the same way – This could be through an inbox, email address, web form and work management tool. One person should be assigned to be in charge of this process, this doesn’t mean that they have to do all of the work – purely that they have to act as the responsible organiser.
  • Creative briefs should always be universal, simple and results orientated. You must create one brief that works for all of your requests, keeping briefs simple whilst also ensuring that you are able to obtain enough information to make targeted decisions.


  • Of course not all content requests are going to be considered equal. Again you need to ensure that there is one person in charge of prioritising workloads and working out the orders in which things should be completed.
  • When prioritising content production you must consider how long each piece is going to take to create.

Content creation

  • In terms of content creation, the more that you can automate, the better. Automated reminder tools should be considered as they can help people become more consistent whilst saving time and getting more done.
  • You need processes in place which will allow you to determine when content is complete and finalised. For example, you could decide to designate two reviews and an approval and stick to this process for all of the content that you create.

Organisation and storage

  • You must establish a content storage process with a protocol and naming system. All content storage processes should be coordinated, simple and efficient. Consider using a standardised naming system.

Publication and promotion

  • Be as smart and strategic as possible when it comes to publishing and promoting content. Utilise technology to improve distribution, hashtags and more.

Don’t forget to measure results, this way you will be able to improve your strategies going forward and plan for greater results.

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