Innovative cards that will surprise the one you gift


Do you remember the postcards we once used to send letter? Yes, they are out now and we no longer use them. This is because social media has taken over them, and made communication easier, faster and better. You can now send postcards to anyone via the social media by using your own photos. All you have to do is download the new MyPostcard App in your iOS and Android phones and customize the post card online. You can send your loved ones greeting card on any festive season and I am sure they will love them when they see a picture of you on them.

What one needs to do for creating a postcard?

Creating a customized postcard is easy enough. One has to choose the template they like as there are many from which they can choose. Then they have to upload their picture and write down what they want to say. Then you can add the recipients. After you make payments to the company the company will print you the cards within 24 hours. They send it to you through mail wherever you are.

What the company assures is that each of the cards after being printed undergoes a quality check. The size of the cards is generally of 4.1×5.8 inches format.

Other things that you can get from them are greeting card online, photo prints, etc. The postcard online has cards for every occasion be it a birthday, marriage, love, Christmas, Easter, friendship, Valentine’s day, etc. There are also a wide range of thank you cards, congratulation card, get well soon cards and many others.

If you are developing your photos from MyPostcard App, then you would get premium quality photo papers. The photos will not fade out as they are protected from the UV rays. So, whatever photos you have preserve them with their good quality services. You can also visit to get detailed information about the services MyPostcard App provides. There you will get to know everything from the prices to the design templates and can also order customized card according to your needs.

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