Internet Education – Advantages


Internet has ensured that even those people living in the farthest and most remote corner of earth are beautifully connected to the others. Internet has in fact been the greatest gospel on globalization. It has pleasantly shriveled the whole world into a size of a village. The North Pole overlaps with the South Pole and no information, trivial or super significant, and hailing from the other geographical margin of earth takes more than as few seconds to reach you. After all, search engines like Google and Yahoo and others are enabling it and enabling it well.

Internet had discovered an entirely new gamut of providing wisdom to men. It happens to be internet education. Internet education or online education implies bestowing education over the virtual premise. You can enroll for a degree online and you would be taught via the virtual medium. Intermittently, there would be brick and mortar classes but they such lectures and lab classes would be few and far between and at any rate not exceed 25 percent of the total class duration.

The idea is to bring together a motley assortment of students within a single awning and not think in terms of class, creed or race. The central idea though is imparting quality education over an interface most loved by children and adults alike. In fact, today, the children of past years who danced to the tune of hopscotch and hide and seek luxuriate with gaming consoles and graphic interface. Coming back, there are plenty of advantages of online education.

As a first, it allows you to choose from a wide repertoire of courses. Any and every course falls within virtual accreditation. These credit granting courses can be selected irrespective of the location you are in and the techniques of geo-tagging does not mean anything for online education. Think of it, a student from Ghana can undertake a degree from Columbia University.

Students can look forward to their classes at the time it suits them. This implies that they can go for their jobs during day time and perhaps look for a class at night time. Also, if there is some problem with the server or there is a downtime, they can shelve classes for some other time.

The classes are provided over an audio visual board. Thus, the graphic element comes close to humanizing the whole experience. This way, students feel pretty close to the experience of brick and mortar institutes.

Internet education is about numbers and not faces. This implies that education imparted is not vulnerable to be sabotaged by class or race concerns. Forums and boards are jointly taken up by a black and a white child and neither knows about the existence of the other.

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