Laptops- Growing Popularity and Craze


If you are travelling overseas you will come across several people who have kept themselves busy with laptops. Even a few years back, desktop computers were considered to be a luxurious item. Very few people could afford to buy them. But in today’s world the same number of people is inclined towards buying a desktop. The reason is quite simple. People prefer to buy user-friendly laptops to desktops because of their light weight and portability. If you want to purchase a good laptop according to your requirements, you can find it on and make your life easier.

Why not Smartphone?

Though smart phones are much lighter to handle than laptops, laptops are more comfortable to work with especially when you are doing a serious official work. The reason is very simple. We are very friendly in using desktops at our homes and offices. Laptops like Lenovo Ideapad have all its operating features similar to the desktop, laptop is considered to be more popular than desktop or Smartphone.

You can find out a large number of people using a laptop but have no Smartphone, but it is hard to find one with a Smartphone but no laptop. Although the popularity of Smartphone is increasing day by day in today’s time but at the same time the popularity and demand of laptops is touching the sky too. More and more people are showing their interest in this amazing gadget and are buying one for making their life easy. People are also getting aware of the importance of insurance for their laptops so that they can use their gadget without worries. Protect your bubble is a reliable name when talking about laptop insurance and can be a good option when planning to get your laptop insured.

Top 5 reasons for the growing popularity and craze of laptop:


Laptops are small and compact. They have much lighter weight than desktop computers. They can be easily slipped into your bag and can be carried anywhere noticing hardly any difference. Laptops are so popular these days that wherever you go, you will see people completely engrossed in their laptops. Airport, railway station, bus, libraries, coffee shops, park and even in beach you will find a mass of people working with their laptops.


Many cities across the globe offer wireless internet connectivity or Wi-Fi. So, if you have a laptop with you, you do not have to insert a separate data card. You can avail the unlimited internet service of Wi-Fi while travelling.


Laptops can be operated with both electricity and battery. The battery is chargeable. A good quality of laptop battery can have a backup charge of up to 7 hours. If there is no charge in your battery, you can operate your laptop by connecting it with a power supply point. The most important thing in a laptop is that you do not have to use an UPS. The battery will help you to operate the device without any interruption even when there is no power.

Low price:

In today’s competitive electronics market, the price of laptop has been lowered down much steadily. Even 10 years back people used to buy laptop to show off status and luxury. But now you can buy a laptop with a price slightly higher than that of a desktop.


Laptops have larger storage capacity than desktops. Besides the whole system is compact. All the peripherals like monitor, CPU and key board are within the same system.

So, it is advisable to buy a laptop especially if you are a student or a heavy computer user. If your work is mainly from home, you can opt for a desktop computer. But if you want to look smart, stylish and professional it is the right time to buy a laptop. Nowadays many renowned companies have launched several 2-in-1 laptops which are glamorous with amazing shades of color. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best as per your need and style and get one today from

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