Light Control Systems are The Future


Lighting control systems are fast becoming a stylish option to control the light levels in your home when you are at home and when you are away. Many people who have installed these light control systems have nothing but praise for the way that they have been able to save them money on reduced energy bills and improved security.

Of course, this technology isn’t appealing to everyone, but as more and more people install the system, it will start to become normalised leading to greater acceptance.

So, what are the advantages of lighting control systems. The most popular lighting control systems are made by Crestron, and they have carved out a good reputation for the quality of their light control systems. Crestron Lighting Control systems are the favoured light control solution for many high-end automated homes around the world. Here are some more advantages of these light control systems.


When you leave home, all the needless lights will be switched off, and when you enter a room, the lights will be switched on. This is thanks to sensors in each room.

Save Energy

Crestron Lighting Control is a great way to reduce energy usage and help do your bit for helping to save the planet.

We especially like the energy saving mode which you can use with a lighting control system. This energy saving mode will quickly put on lights when you enter a room and will switch them off when you leave with the help of motion detectors.

Security is Improved

When you have your system installed, the home automation technology is able to switches lights on and off to try and prevent opportunistic home burglaries and thefts. It is clear Crestron have worked hard on this feature, as they have also integrated “motion detected landscape lights”. This is a carefully thought out outdoor lighting solution where the lights will turn on when the system is able to detect unusual movement in the vicinity of the property. We would recommend these lights if you are regularly away from home.

Let us know if you have installed lighting control systems in your home. Do you feel the benefit for doing so? Let us know!

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