Multilingual Rentals Site Generates $200,000 Due To Social Media


Property rental company Kabin took the opportunity to fill a gap in the market and create a new experience in the Eastern Townships in Quebec, Canada. Comprising of a selection of 7 micro cabins, the concept is completely new to the area and it was a natural fit for the Mount Sutton destination. The charming accommodations were a perfect match for skiers using the nearby slopes. The company’s real success story comes from its Lodgify rental website template that comes with an option to make the website multilingual.

Reaching Out

After completion of the building project, the owners of Kabin next needed to tackle the element of marketing their new accommodation retreat.

The strict laws in Quebec to cater for both English and French-speaking citizens meant the team needed a complex but easy booking system which every customer could use and understand. In addition to the 2 languages needed by law, the owners of Kabin also wanted to reach out to customers further afield. This meant even more languages needed to be involved in their system.

Finding The Solution

After extensive research in the field of building websites and finding multilingual plugins, Kabin cam across Lodgify and immediately knew this was the service they needed to market their new rental properties.

“As soon as we saw the icon of “multiple languages” – we began looking deeper into what Lodgify had to offer. That’s when we began our free trial.”

Being able to create their website in both initial languages, the team at Kabin began their free trial and saw their creation in action. After seeing all the concepts in real time the management team soon opted to subscribe to Lodgify on a more permanent basis.

What Appealed About Lodgify

The translation function met their needs but the team at Kabin were also drawn in by the impressive calendar function and channel manager.

The management system of the created site allows all employees to have access to ensure a smooth operation of the business in question. For Kabin this was key so they new which cabins needed cleaning and which to set up welcome packs in.

With websites up and ready to go within a couple of hours the simple process of Lodgify means no time is lost when finding new business for a holiday rental business.

Getting The First Bookings

Once their Lodgify site was up and running, the next task was to start getting some bookings in.

Already being active members of social media, the team at Kabin came up with an exciting competition for social media users to win a holiday in one of their brand new cabins by Mount Sutton.

The information collected from the competition helped the team to start paving the way for future marketing campaigns of their business.

In addition to using social media, Kabin has found that using Air BnB and their own blog for marketing has been particularly handy in bringing in new customers.

How Lodgify Helped

Once research began, Kabin new that Lodgify would become their long-term partner because of the high tech and user-friendly holiday rental software they used. The valuable tools of having multiple languages available plus an inbuilt booking system means more time can be spent on marketing than troubleshooting the website.

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