Oppo F3 Plus: Price, Features and Specifications


With a spate in recent mobile lunches happening across the country, the main thing to notice is, majority of them are Chinese mobiles. Out of all the launches taking place, there are few of the popular and well established brands, as compared to the more recent yet popular brands. Out of the popular Chinese brands like Oneplus, Xiaomi and Oppo, the most recent launch will be with Oppo which is expected to launch the Oppo F3 Plus, sometime soon in March.

The brand has been known majorly for its camera quality, which has been designed exclusively for selfie lovers. This is one of the major marketing strategies or the USP of their devices, which are sold off by being branded as the best selfie phones. Oppo F3 Plus however, is certainly one of the best selfie camera mobiles. Read on to know what all to expect from the device.

Price – It is expected that Oppo F3 Plus will be having a launch price ranging between Rs 28,000 – Rs 30,000. There are still doubts about the exact figures, as multiple figures have been doing the rounds. This price might not be a very cheap one, but once you get to know what the features are being offered in this device, you would certainly consider it to be worth it.

Features – One of the most looked forward to feature being offered by Oppo F3 Plus is the dual selfie camera. iPhone 7 was the first device to launch this type of camera, and then other brands followed. Till now, apart from Apple, Only Vivo has launched the dual selfie camera feature, and now Oppo is launching it in F3 Plus. The phone not only has a truly amazing camera to offer, but also an impressive battery life, along with other necessary and exciting features.

The dual camera in Oppo F3 Plus is touted to be 16 MP and 8 MP, and the rear camera is also of 16 MP. F3 Plus can and should be compared with Vivo V5 Plus, because that is offering the exactly same features, with an equal efficiency and style. Vivo V5 plus in-fact offers a 20 MP and an 8MP front camera, but does not have an impressive battery life, and is thus cheaper. The battery in F3 Plus, is expected to be around 3800 – 4000 mAh, whereas Vivo V5 plus is offering a battery of 3055 mAh.

Specifications – To compare Oppo F3 Plus with Vivo V5 plus, it is important to take into account other key specifications as well. F3 Plus offers you a screen size of 6 inch whereas Vivo V5 plus has a screen size of 5.5 inches. So even though V5 plus has a better camera, and is cheaper, opting for F3 Plus is still the intelligent choice, not just because it has a bigger screen, but also because it has a better battery life to compliment the screen. However, if you want to opt for a device with a smaller screen size then V5 plus can be the right option for you.

The launch of Oppo F3 Plus is yet to take place, and waiting for it to happen, is only understandable, because what it is offering is certainly something that is very hard to resist. There have been multiple mobile launches this year, but how many of them had a dual selfie camera? In addition to this, the mobile has a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory with a Snapdragon 653, octacore, 2 GHz processor. The screen resolution of the device is placed at 1080 X 1920 pixels.

Verdict – The launch of F3 plus is certainly one of those mobile launches that one can look forward to. There have been several Oppo mobiles that have been launched till date, this one however will be the best of all those devices. This not only has a great camera, but also a truly amazing screen size, screen resolution, as well as a powerful battery. If you need a device that does not only fulfill a purpose but also provides you with all the classic style elements, this can definitely be the mobile you should opt for.

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