Optimise Your Business and Expand Your Customer Base


SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practice of maximising the search engine rankings of your online presence. For entrepreneurs, businesspeople and sole traders (often referred to as ‘solopreneurs’ in modern online parlance), a stable, reliable digital marketing scheme can offer the boost to web traffic that they need to start the next phase of their business expansion. The search engine optimisation trade is a Hydra with many heads, and once you think you’ve mastered one, two more pop up in its place. For example, you might have an airtight marketing scheme that bases itself on content ratings and brings in traffic based on your content marketing. This might neglect mobile SEO, though, which operates on different algorithms, as well as locally based SEO, which will boost your rankings in your local community. Even the seemingly simple task of capitalising on social media will be improved immeasurably by the involvement of a team of professionals who know how to get you the results you deserve.

Expert Advice

If you have a pipe leak at your brick-and-mortar business, you’ll call a plumber. If there’s an issue with your accounts and funds, you’ll employ the services of an accountant or financial planner. Digital marketing is no different, and for optimum SEO results, you’re best to enlist an SEO company. When choosing the company that’s going to be right for you, there are a few factors to consider, not least of which is their ability to tailor their strategy to your needs. Like a well-made suit, marketing strategies need to be made to measure so that your scheme will fit your business and highlight all its desirable features.

The Heart of the Strategy

More and more users every day are turning to their mobile phones for their online browsing. Many neglect desktop browsing entirely and only use phones and tablets, ignoring the laptops and bulky PCs that once dominated the computer hardware market. You’ll want your website to outperform the competition across multiple mobile platforms and search engines, so find yourself a company that takes the modern mobile trend into account when they’re designing your bespoke marketing strategy.

Locally driven search engine optimisation techniques target the audience in your immediate vicinity, combining the prevalence of mobile technology and the convenience desired by time-strapped modern consumers. Search engines today use location services offered by mobile devices to optimise their users’ searches for their local area. By helping your web content to emphasise your locale and region, you’ll appeal to customers capable of walking into your premises and seeing the amazing products or services you have on offer.

Today, content dominates SEO, but not in the way it once did. Well-researched, informative, captivating content with some length to it is favoured far more heavily by search engines than the short content that once reigned supreme. Find yourself a team of digital marketing experts who can make the most of this trend and help you design infographics, long blogs and all the other kinds of engaging content that will draw potential customers to your business like insects to honey.

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