Panda Timesheet software that makes your work easy and give advance work time tracking for the employee.


Timesheet software is beneficial for managers as well as employees for keep track of the time spent on individual projects or total time calculation for payroll. Panda Timesheet offers Free Timesheet that develops with advanced technology and has many others features. With the help of this timesheet software one can track the project progress, employee’s performance, it makes payroll calculation very easy and there will be more transparency between management and employee.

Monitoring the task – With the timesheet task can be created, and assign to the particular team or person. It allows upload files, relative documents, and other details. Every task-related activity can be maintained on a single platform it generates auto notifications for task creation and comments or due date for the task. Start and end date can be set and update according to the need. Overall full tracking can be done by this software very effectively. Total time spend on single task also be calculated, that helps to improve the overall performance.  

Cost effective – Timesheet software increase the work productivity, it saves your money in many ways, it reduces the wastage of time by the employees, gives absence report of the employee so that they will also avoid such things during work hours. Any break or personal work will not count in working hours; more productive hours will generate more profit for the firm. These will no miscommunication between management and employees as the transparency will be there for both. Self-discipline will be developing in employees.   

Customize access – Timesheet software has features to create logins as per the need also the customize access will help to give limited control as per the need. Like in a team if we want to give access to an employee only for updating about the task and not to make any updates in the task details it will be possible with our advance timesheet software. There will be specific login credentials will be generated for employees. Also fully secure from Hackers.    

Hacking proof – Panda Timesheet software design in an advance way with firewall protects, it has back up option in a regular interval for data security. Proper network security thread has been provided. Any unsecured action is immediately terminated by this Timesheet software, your existing network will fully secure with this timesheet software.

Multiple projects handling on one platform makes easy with effective timesheet software. Effective management leads the success in work. Payroll process becomes easy, gives you comfort by avoiding that confusing calculation. Additional work hour’s calculation becomes more clear and easy for multiple employees. It helps to reach the time calculation for an individual task as well as the overall project cost in an effective manner. Printing feature allows converting the file into the required format like the word file, Excel, PDF, and XLSX. Boost your work with Panda Advance Timesheet software. Please visit us on our website for more details.

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