Project Management Software: Why Every Business Should Use It


In any business today there are always various projects being undertaken. The task of organizing everything so that it can easily be understandable becomes a challenge once your project becomes too big or more people are involved with it. Information or communication shared through email becomes difficult to track down as the days or weeks pass by. If you use a notebook or your email to keep track of things then you are setting your project up for failure.

One of the best solutions to keep track of your project is to use project management software. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation it is a must to have this software. This is an effective tool in keeping track of information that will quickly pile up. Good project management software will be made up of different tools that perform different tasks.

Some of the most common features include

• Messaging option
• Task creation
• File sharing
• Accounting
• Task monitoring

Other software might have more features included that will help your team stay more productive. The ultimate goal that you want to accomplish is to finish the project on time and within the projected budget.

There is a number of project management software available in the market today that can be classified into two categories. One is the paid version which you will have to pay a premium price to use. This is recommended for organizations that have the budget to spend in getting this software. There’s also the free version that doesn’t cost anything but still does the same job. Most startup or small companies usually choose this.

Here’s a list of the top 5 paid project management software

• Daptiv PPM
• Project Management Software by Inloox
• eStudio
• Clarizen
• Genius Project Enterprise

Here’s a list of the top 5 free project management software

• Mavenlink
• dotProject
• ProjeLead
• Open Workbench
• Teambox

It doesn’t matter what kind of software you use, either the paid or the free version, what matters most is that you and your team know how to use it. As your project expands and you notice some limitations in the software that you are using then it’s time to think changing it. The advantage that paid versions have is that they have more features and are more configurable.

This means that you won’t need to change it even if the project size increases. We live in a world today that is highly competitive. In order for your business to survive you have to provide quality products or services at lower prices. This can easily be achieved if your operation is streamlined and one way in achieving this is by effectively managing your projects. Using monitoring tools will help you stay within budget.

Just imagine running a project without any management tool involved. It’s going to be chaos, with everyone involved not knowing what the updates are. If you’re going to rely on paper and pen to manage projects then you’re not going to last long in your line of business.

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