Pros and Cons of Using Security Camera Systems


We have to start by saying that technology always comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. Even though upgrades and innovation can provide you wide array of convenient benefits, it can also cause trouble as well.

Security cameras are the amazing things of modern technology, and it does not matter if you wish to install them in office or home, because they will provide you efficient security measure.

Most of us tend to only consider the advantages when buying security cameras from, however, like any other technological advancement, it comes with a few disadvantages as well.

Of course, we have to say that number of advantages will always outnumber disadvantages, especially because this security gadget is popular among people who wish to invest in keeping their assets and loved ones secure and safe.

Therefore, if you wish to install latest security camera system in your household or commercial building, you should continue reading so that you can learn more on advantages and disadvantages that comes with it.

Benefits of Security Cameras

  • Prevent Crime – The main reason and the most obvious one is that you will reduce the overall crime as soon as you decide to install security cameras. You just have to place them, and you will see the effects almost immediately. Even if you try to be discreet, you will feel safer than before, which is the main reason why you should install them in the first place. It does not matter if you wish to put them in your workplace or home, because it will prevent crime from happening. Cameras like the security camera system by Athena are intimidating enough to recognize and capture burglars.
  • Monitor Activities – It is simple to use security camera systems, since you will be able to place them anywhere you wish as long asit has a power source. You can find them in various sizes and shapes, and some of them are tiny enough so that you can hide them in photo frames, plants and other places as well. Of course, everything depends on your requirements, but you can find both mountable and hidden cameras with ease. These cameras are highly helpful because they will enable you to monitor the activity of people that are visiting your office and home as well as other areas.
  • Gather Evidence – Cameras are important because if you place them in strategic places, you will be able to monitor both words and actions of people during some event. High-end models come with wide array of bells and whistles and ability to capture clear images with a perfect sound. This is amazing consideration if you are dealing with a legal scenario that requires a captured perspective that will provide you accurate account of what happened.

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Disadvantages of Security Camera Systems

  • Problem With Privacy – We can differentiate numerous situations in the past when security cameras were used for numerous purposes and controversies. In some cases, employees objected to an idea that they are under surveillance without permission, since that is invasion of privacy even at the workplace. The loudest critics of security cameras have stated that employer has to provide insight on cameras and recording, which means that employee must give permission before everything goes on.
  • It Is Expensive Project – Even though buying dummy cameras tend to be expensive, the real ones can cost thousands of dollars based on the number of features as well as monitoring system that you wish to purchase. At the same time, you have to pay for regular maintenance and installation, which will require additional costs when compared with other security systems. On the other hand, if you wish to install them yourself, you should avoid it unless you are completely familiar with wiring systems.
  • They Have Vulnerability – The idea is to keep updated security so that you can get the best and unreachable system. However, most people think that installing cameras means that criminals will avoid it. Have in mind that smart thieves will know everything about them and find the way to go inside without detection. Disconnecting it from power source is the best way to breach them, and that creates a thought whether they are efficient or not in a long run.


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