Right Magento Extensions To Build Up Healthy Customer Engagement


The best way to develop brand awareness, trust as well as customer loyalty is through developing a connection with the consumers. Whatever be the purpose of your business, you need to find better ways to connect with your consumers. The prime focus of any business after it is set up in the digital world to attract visitors and convert them into customers. When it comes to attracting the customers, the websites that are built on Magento platform puts others in the shade because of its outstanding extensions. These extensions can help any business to increase traffic as well as customer engagement through customization.

Here in this blog, we will talk about Magento Extension Development that mainly focus on customer engagement and help you increase conversion rates.

Answering queries through live chat

Studies reveal that more than 40% users who are shopping online look for live help. Apart from just helping the users, the online chat system can turn out to be a boon to the business owners too. This will help the website to increase their sale. Moreover, it really feels cool when you have a real person helping you out with your shopping, on the other end. Magento extension named as Olark Live Chat helps you with this task and increases customer engagement. With the help of this extension, the admin can quickly revert to the customer query. Moreover, they even come to know when a customer is visiting the site again. The extension also alerts the admin when a product is added or removed from the cart by the customer. In short, it is a super cool extension that will help you know about the customer activity on the site. So once you will have such data, you will be able to work on it and improve customer engagement.

Customer surveys

The Magento extension Customer Surveys can be integrated with the store and can be used to get feedback on various things like store usability, functionality, etc. This data helps the stores to improve themselves and make the store even better so that customers visit the store again and again.

Track customer behaviour with ExtraWatch HeatMap

This extension of Magento helps the store to improve its functionality based on the customer behaviour. The extension helps to monitor the click patterns on the store. Again, it helps to know the working of different elements in the store and therefore they can be arranged and optimized for better results. It mainly focuses to reduce bounce rate, track clicks as well as create better landing pages.

Extension to reduce cart abandonment

The extension – The Abandonment Cart Recovery helps to get back the sales on the orders that are not completed or left midway. Here customer receives email alert regarding the abandoned cart items and are offered an additional discount to lure them in. This helps to increase conversion rates and thus increase sales.

Newsletters to engage more customers

You can easily increase brand awareness, by letting your customers know about the latest trends and products. You can easily achieve this through regular newsletters. Moreover, it will help you have a constant connection with the users on your store. You can seamlessly achieve this using Advanced Newsletter Extension. With the help of the extension, you can easily subscribe the customers and send them alerts regarding products and offers from time to time. The extension is enough to get you the best possible returns through email marketing.

No doubt you need to keep on updating your consumer data in order to provide best in class service. Better hire certified Magento Developers for the task. Understand that customer engagement greatly depends on the experience they have at the store so make sure to fulfill their demands and provide better e-commerce solutions. This will definitely help you increase conversion rates and create revisiting customers.

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