Robocalls Offer an Annoyance Like None Other


You’re at the desk working away and suddenly your cell phone starts to ring. You don’t recognize the call so you ignore it and continue to work. The same thing happens the next day, and the next. You finally answer it and realize it is nothing but a robocall offering services that you simply don’t need. Technology has a lot of wonderful benefits to it, but it also has a more annoying aspect attached to it. This is where we look at some of the ways in which technology is utterly bad: the spread of robocalls.


When our devices receive unwanted calls constantly from unknown numbers, one begs to wonder if there is an Unknown Phone Number Public Directory to access to understand what exactly is going on when it comes to the influx of robocalls. Frankly put, nobody wants unsolicited robocalls. One universal thing that most people can agree on is the unnecessary and predatory nature of these unwanted calls. They are a recipe for a headache and it should come as no surprise that people wish to stop them. How does one go about blocking these annoying robocalls from reaching them?

There isn’t a sure fire way to get these calls to stop, but there are methods one can use. The first way to seek change is to contact your cellular carrier. They are massive companies with great resources. Many are attempting to come up with methods to verify that a number is authentic before it crosses their network, but this is still a work in progress. Depending on a person’s carrier, there are also apps and services that companies will offer to notify the user that they may be receiving a potential scam call. Call your carrier and see what options they will offer you to get rid of scam calls.

One can also add their number to the National Do Not Call Register; this may help, but robocalls operate in a different way than more traditional marketing calls and follow their own rules. Changing your number won’t work as these programs are not pulling numbers from a preexisting list, but by random by formulating numbers. The best way to deal with robocalls is to not deal with them at all.

Why Robocalls?

Robocalls aren’t going to be offering any sort of life altering service or event. They are aimed at scamming and manipulating individuals. If a robocall comes through on your phone and you believe it to be fishy, simply block it or don’t answer. No good can come from dealing with automatic fraudulent robots on the other end who simply want to scam you into giving them your assets. There is a great level of annoyance at how many times robocalls flood people’s phone lines, but it can be made even worse if a person falls for the manipulations of a robocall. Protect yourself by limiting the engagement with these fraudulent calls as best as possible and be vigilant as scammers are out there.

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