Undoubtedly, technology has made the world a smaller place, bringing communities and businesses and clients and customers closer together by creating a more convenient way by creating connections but unfortunately, every good thing in this world has its own downside.

As the technology gets more innovative over the years there are also threats lurking in the virtual world. One of the major concerns in the rapid innovation of technology is various security threats and one of the most common and damaging threat is identity theft.

As we all know, identity is the key to securing physical and digital assets an individual has in this globally connected world that is why Ipsidy, a Delaware-based security, biometric identification, identity management and electronic processing services provider offers you IdLok.

You will feel safer with IdLok, Ipsidy’s next-generation authentication application software that enables you to easily process security protocols for your valuable data and assets in the palm of your hands. It is considered more convenient than other identity solutions provider that requires hardware to operate.

IdLok specializes in verification, authentication, and authorization that you can avail in a single transaction to ensure yourself of security from threats.

IdLok provides the most sophisticated technology in terms of online security, thanks to its biometric, multi-factor authentication feature. IdLok’s biometric, multi-factor authentication’s features include phone registration regardless of what system you are using in your device like an IOS or Android, it provides you with a unique PIN, facial biometric recognition and dynamic digital signature.


One of its most advanced features is the biometric verification that supports multiple modalities of your physical appearance like your facial features, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition and voice cloud-based high-speed matching detection that is compatible for both IOS and Android devices.


To keep updated on the security status of your transactions, assets, date, and accounts, IdLok also provides you regular push notifications if there is any activity going on that requires authentication.


This feature provides you a dynamic additional security through data verification. Each of the verification of the transaction that you make has its own unique elements to ensure security and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.


These two features provide you an out of band biometric multi-factor authentication to protect your access to online accounts and backend systems and it will also embed out of band biometric multi-factor authentication into physical access control that delivers convenience.

IdLok is one of Ipsidy’s three key services that it provides for you. The two other services that Ipsidy provides is IDSearch which is an integrated high-speed fingerprint matching solution for enhanced biometric identification security and the IDTransact ideal to connect and manage a mobile ecosystem of trusted agents, merchants, consumers to accept closed-loop cards for transactions whether in-store, online or in an application.

Ipsidy will make sure that your identity which is your key to physical and digital transactions in a globally connected world is well secured. To get started with Idlok, you can visit Ipsidy’s authentication page at

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