San Air Technologies Laboratory: The Toxic Metal Analysts


Protecting your children from the damaging exposure to lead is vital for their lifelong wellbeing. Lead is, in essence, a natural occurrence of noxious metal in different areas of Earth’s crust. Equally, the extensive use of elements containing leads in different areas has also made the environment contaminated increasing the vulnerability of widespread human exposure to lead. Depending upon the intensity its affect especially on children health can be massive, unending and lifelong. Even inclusion of a negligible amount of lead in blood may affect their IQ, lead to attention disorder as well as academic performance.

Whereas a major amount of lead consumption globally include lead acid batteries used in vehicles, however, it is extensively employed in various other produces including paints, pigments, stained steel, lead-crystal glassware, solder, ceramic polish, apart from cosmetics, toys as well in several traditional medications. You must be aware that if your drinking water pipeline is made of lead pipes or even when plumbing if any part of it, is soldered with lead, your children as well family may be drinking water containing lead. It should be noted that adverse effect of lead on young children can be deadly. Other than harming normal development of brain it may spoil nervous system while for adults’ long term health injure such as, high blood pressure or kidney failure is also observed. For pregnant women this can be damaging for the fetus.

In different surveys it’s found that lead-based paint plus lead containing dust are some dangerous causes for lead exposure to children in the US. Whereas use of lead-based paints has been banned in 1978, which implies, all those houses that built prior to that are very likely to hold lead-based paint. Nonetheless, it’s the corrosion or worsening of the paint which may cause the problem also makes the dust contaminated. This also applies to occupational areas where people are prone to inhale lead elements out of burning metals or substances containing lead. Use of gasoline products and leaded aviation petroleum can cause lead exposure from minimum to major amount. Thus children are definitely at risk while adults also need undertaking necessary care. In order to take necessary safety measures, the foremost job is to testify the suspected sources.

In this regard, you can get in touch with San Air Technologies Laboratory Inc, the accredited analysts for wide range of metal items, paint chips, dust particles, soil as well as bulk to air-borne samples of asbestos and lead. The Virginia based American specialized group offers all kinds of analytical and consultancy services pertaining to environmental lead, asbestos exposure, environmental microbiology and for detection of varied bacterial substances. Accredited by American Industrial Hygiene Association and National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program that specialist group can help by identifying and categorizing airborne asbestos and other metals. The services offers are

  1. Asbestos Testing
  2. Microbiology Identification Services
  3. Lead & Metals Testing
  4. Legionella Identification Services
  5. Materials & Forensics Testing

San Air Technologies Laboratory Inc offers Legionella analysis by comprehensive culture, affirmation and classification by the latest tech PCA and DNA procedures. In addition, MRSA, Salmonella and other waterborne pathogens are also analyzed by the community. The group has accreditation of Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation for ecological Legionella Analysis and also by Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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