Simple Guide To Sell Your Iphone Quick And Easy


Even before Apple gears up for the launch of its latest version of iPhone, everyone wants to get his hands on iPhone. This also leads to a rush among existing iPhone users to sell or trade off their old phones so that they can buy the new one. Gifting it to a friend might not be a desirable choice as you would want to make some cash, considering the large amount you paid for to buy it. If you find yourself in a similar situation and would like to sell your iPhone successfully, then here is a quick guide to help you wade smoothly through the entire process.

  • When to sell?

The first and foremost thing is to time the selling process correctly. You would not want to sell your phone so early that you have to remain without a phone for days. Conversely, delaying the decision to sell can make it difficult to find the right buyer. Ideally you should start the process around three or four weeks prior to the official announcement made about the launch date of the new model, as after this there is steep decline in the value of iPhone.

  • Where to sell?

The next step is deciding where you would like to sell your iPhone. One option can be to ask your friends or family to help you look for buyers, but it can be a slow process. Another option is to take the online sites which allow people to sell and buy old goods. Search for a reputable and secure site where you can put up the advertisement about your phone being on sale, along with your contact details and wait for interested buyers to get in touch with you.

  • What to describe?

Sellers are required to share details of the product they have put online to sell. In case of an iPhone, you need to describe the model, colour, condition and accessories of the phone. The description should be specific, without getting into too many details. Besides this, make sure to click some clear pictures of your phone to attach with the advertisement. Click detailed pictures of the screen, back side and power slots of the phone, along with any dents or scratches, to give viewers a clear idea about its appearance.

  • How much to ask for?

Determining the cost of the iPhone is a crucial step of selling process. Usually it is the twenty five per cent of the original price of the given model; however, various factors are considered to determine the right selling price. Buyers take into account the model, condition, age and colour of the phone before agreeing to pay the cost you have asked for. It is recommended to be ready for negotiations as well.

The final step to sell your iPhone is to make your phone ready for selling by deleting all kind of personal information stored in it. This should be done by logging out of your iCloud ID, as otherwise all the information, such as contacts, reminders, documents, pictures etc. will be erased from the server as well. Lastly, sit back and wait for the right buyer to offer you a good deal.

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