SSL Product Categories to Secure Your Links


Upgrade from DV to EV for a maximum security

Advance internet technology nowadays provides us an instant service to receive everything we want from the e-commerce website. Another website provides a service to serve you a tutoring class online. Even a world-class university usesan online class to support their distance learning process. All of these activities established a connection between your website and customer. It requires a customer to provide privacy information such as credit card number, phone number, address, and many other personal data. Therefore, to ensure all the links related to each activity is secured you need to have SSL (secured sockets layer) that secure your connection from a third party.

DV (Domain Validation) known is a favorite certificados ssl for a startup business. However, if you increase the number of transactions and need to give more secure feeling to your customer, then you required to have EV (extended validation). The following note listed some major difference between DV and EV packages.

  1. Price comparison

DV packages from DigitalServer might cost you only 700 up to 750 MXN per year from Combo and RapidSSL. Meanwhile, the EV packs offer the cost of 9,500 up to 10,500 MXN per year from Symantec and GeoTrust. High capital, in the beginning, would save you from an unnecessary problem in the future and increase your customer’s trust.

  1. Certificate Issuance Time Frame

The DV package is typically faster than EV. Certificates of DV issued with only 5 minutes, while EV might consume more time for 1 up to 7 days. EV will validate your company or organization legality to ensure your present as an authorized seller. That validation process requires more time than checking domain only.

  1. Visibility sign as trusted seller

EV certificate enables you to be different from other sellers. Your website appears to be green in the navigation address to all web browsers. A customer will clearly recognize it as a trusted seller without spending so much time to identify who you are and feeling worried about their transaction. The green padlock on the bar could be clicked and showing the information of your company which makes it bolder than others.

The certificate of DV could not make this kind of feature in their navigation bar. Like so, a customer might need to do some research before release their order. In the other case when you have a company profile blog that doesn’t require your reader to input their personal data, and then DV certificate might be enough.

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