Technology and e-Commerce: How Applications Help in Business Management


Technology is part of our day-to-day life. Therefore, it is important to know how to use it in your business. One tip is the mobile apps: great allies of the entrepreneur.

Challenges such as sales management and attracting new customers can be solved with the help of specialized apps. We believe that technology generates benefits and therefore we highlight some reasons for you to embrace the technology in your business routine.

Better time management

It is common for a business owner to complain about lack of time, but the real problem may be managing the time available. To organize tasks without losing deadlines, it is worth having apps like Google Keep, which organize your task lists into several categories and share them with users. With a full view of the tasks, you better understand the time you need to spend on each process.

Less bureaucracy and greater results

The time for the paperwork and waiting lines is behind us! Problems that require displacement and hours spent can already be solved by the cell phone. Apps like Bling allow you to issue invoices and organize stocks, registrations, sales and finances.

More customers

If before relationships were made in word of mouth, with the new technologies the interactions between commerce and consumers only increased. Emails enable direct contact with customers, sending promotions and benefits. With social networks, you can follow comments and feedback on the business. These apps take the customer to you through exclusive promotions with the sale already guaranteed by the app.

Decentralization of processes

Releases made by a single person always waste time and productivity. How about centralizing everything in a single management system? It’s possible. Applications such as Slack monitor all your business’s progress by assisting in the distribution and tracking of routines. This way, you distribute and manage tasks in a totally collaborative way.

Cost control

To increase profitability and lower costs you need to know your finances well, and we know that accounting can be a challenging task. The good news is that some small business applications want to change this scenario. The Xero, for example, allows the entrepreneur access accounts, invoices, receipts and create expense reports on the same platform.

Now just know which app has more to do with your business. Digital technologies are indispensable for entrepreneurs. Doing everything analogically is possible, but this can mean more mistakes and less productivity.

If you want to regulate your e-commerce business on mobile and want to benefit from new technologies, the MPS Company can help.

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