The 8 Best Ways to Get Started in a Career in Gaming


You’ve probably heard about games, even if you haven’t played them. Video games are at the forefront of technology-driven entertainment and have become a part of our everyday lives whether we realize it or not.

But what do people actually do with these video games? How does someone get started in this area of technology?

For some, it starts by playing the game; for others, it’s learned through education; and for yet others, they go right into making their own unique contribution to the world of gaming. Whatever your choice is, there are many ways that you can begin to work in this niche field.

1. Work on an Indie Game 

The term “indie” refers to independent artists, developers, designers, and programmers who work on their own. The lack of financial backing doesn’t mean that their games are any less good than games made by people with major funding, but it typically means they have less time to polish the game before releasing it.

This is another excellent way to jump into the world of gaming while still getting your feet wet in an area you’re interested in. And if you can make a successful indie game, then you’ll likely be able to gain enough attention to score your next gig at a studio!

2. Attend Game Design School 

Learn everything there is about making video games, from concept art to deciding what makes a good game mechanic.

There are various schools that teach students how to churn out polished products that will get you noticed by the many gaming studios out there.

3. Build Your Own Game 

This is an excellent way to learn how it all works, but you’ll need to be sure that what you build has something unique about it that could draw in players or customers.

It’s also a lot of work, so make sure that your passion for games drives you forward through all the time spent building!

4. Play Video Games!!! 

The first step to learning any subject matter is to learn what other people have already discovered. And everyone who plays video games knows at least a little about them which can make for some great conversations when talking to people about your newfound interest in the field!

It’s always good to have topics ready when you meet someone who may be interested in the same things you are.

It is a good idea to get your customized gaming PC built today for you to use in playing games. You will see your game performance improve drastically with a good gaming PC.

5. Volunteer at a Game Studio  

Typically, game companies need help with all sorts of different tasks, so it can’t hurt to inquire with your local company about whether they would appreciate some outside help!

Whether they need transcription services, social media managers, or just someone to playtest an upcoming game release, volunteer work is always an excellent way to get your foot in the door and let people know you’re willing to go above and beyond for them.

6. Work on Animation 

Whether it’s traditional animation or CGI animation for modern games, understanding how animation works will give you insight into what makes games tick!

You’ll learn that animation isn’t just about watching cartoons but also about making the movement of in-game objects look natural and realistic.

7. Playtest Games 

While it’ll be unlikely that you’ll get paid for this task, companies are always looking for people to play upcoming games and give feedback on them!

The more well-known game studios hold large beta tests where they bring together hundreds of players at once to try out certain levels or mechanics in an effort to make their games better before release day.

This is a great way to learn what makes a good game good without actually spending money on it first!

8. Participate in Game Studies  

If you’re interested in the academic side of the gaming world, then consider looking into participating in game studies.

You can research and write papers on video games or get involved with a national organization like the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO), which focuses more on digital storytelling and other forms of electronic literature.

So whatever you do, get out there and make your mark in this industry! There’s more than one way to get started, so you’ll never be at a loss for what to do next!

By following any one of these eight steps towards getting started in your own career, you’re likely to find yourself in an exciting role that will help shape the way we play games in the future!

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meta desc: There are many ways you can get started in a career in gaming. You could start by playing games and learning the basics, or you could attend a Game Design school and learn the craft of making games!

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