The Argument for an iPhone Case


The iPhone 6 is an investment. The latest model of Apple’s smartphone is more powerful, better adapted to today’s world, and offers one of the highest rated experiences in the market today. But how adept are iPhone 6 phone cases at protecting this investment? Are there any other reasons to buy a case? Let’s take a closer look.

Protection from Drops

The iPhone has a reputation for fragility. The newest model, while improved, is no exception. It is possible for just one bad drop to crack the screen or shatter the entire phone. A case provides an extra layer of defense against this. While it is true that a case cannot make your phone completely impervious to damage, the amount of mitigation it supplies is significant. There are even higher end models that are designed for athletic use. A case will also provide extra grip to the device which prevents the drop before it happens.

Scratch Protection

Dropping an iPhone is not the only concern for damage. Production cycles have been reliably fast and new models come out like clockwork. For people who want to trade up to the newest model resales are a way of life. But scratches on the surface, front or back, will reduce the resale value. Protecting against this is important for aesthetic and monetary reasons. The camera is also exposed and can become damaged. Pictures and video taken with a scratched lens are of awful quality and reduce the functionality of the iPhone significantly. A damaged camera will further reduce the resale value and make it difficult to upgrade in the future.

Aesthetic Considerations

There are good reasons for getting a case to protect your iPhone from damage. But there is also aesthetic basis for doing so. Many cases offer some appealing imagery or design. This case will now be the outward face of a device you use for hours a day. Though not nearly as important as protection, aesthetic appeal is a strong point in favor of a case for many people. There is a practical side to having a phone which looks different than the others of the same model beside simple aesthetics. At any social gathering it will be impossible to mistake your device for another. This can reduce temporary confusion and accidental misplacement of your device.

A Good Idea

Safeguarding an expensive device makes good financial sense. Insurance can cover you if the iPhone is completely broken, but still leaves you empty handed until a replacement arrives. For a much smaller price you can protect against fall damage, scratches to the surface and camera, and stand out in a crowd at the same time. This makes iPhone cases a good idea.

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