The Best Bond Gadgets that Should Have been Mass Produced


Anyone who has ever watched a James Bond movie will have looked at the gadgets offered by Q and thought ‘I could use one of those’. Unfortunately, there are very few such gadgets that made their way into the public domain. You would think that with all of the advances that are being made in automotive technology that they could have managed to fit a few things from the big screen as standard issue into the cars that are trundling off productions lines all over the world. We’re not talking about rocket launchers here or machine guns hidden behind the headlights, but the general gadgets that we could all find a use for.


Finally a way to dodge the speed cameras! This gadget was seen in Bond’s Die Another Day. Cameras were used to project images of the surrounding landscape onto both sides of the car, so rather than seeing the shape of the car all you would see would be trees. It is a shame to hide a car as beautiful as Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish, but a handy gadget to have if you want to slip somewhere unnoticed for a while.


People have been working towards developing a true amphibious car for decades, but there is a difference between an amphibious car and a submarine car. Take the car in the Spy Who Loved Me, think of all of the traffic that would be taken off our old bridges if we could just drive through the rivers instead. It would put a whole new spin on a car touring holiday.

The Passenger Ejector Seat

Who hasn’t wished that they could just push a button and eject an annoying passenger? This has to be the pinnacle of the in car gadgets that the movies have given us. If they can install them with ease into fighter jets why not in family cars. Let’s face it if you are heading into a crash and have the option of ejecting who wouldn’t push the big red eject button? Mind you it might just prove a little too tempting.


With each winter getting progressively worse each year, having retractable skis on the car might not be such a bad idea if it means you will be able to maintain control of your vehicle. Car skis made their appearance in the Living Daylights where the Aston Martin also came equipped with a rocket system. Forget the rockets; we have more chance of getting the skis.

A Portable Defibrillator

Now this seems like a really useful piece of equipment to have on board. Heart attacks are nothing to joke about, and an in car defibrillator would make the perfect addition to the in car safety and emergency first aid kit. Add to the mix the vials of poison antidotes and other medical related equipment that Daniel Craig also carried in his DBS in Casino Royale, and you have a four wheeled emergency health care vehicle ready for just about any situation it could come across.

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