The best substitute in place of play store is here, just download the 9apps apk download


Everyone is a smartphone or iPhone user these days and everyone is very well aware of the apps that are widely used. Things have been made so convenient with these apps and in addition to all this, the easy internet access to the internet has made it even more widely used. Android users are surely familiar with the Play store, the inbuilt online store from where they can download the apps they need. All you need to do is search for the app you need and hit install to get it on your phone. Most of them are free, yet some are paid.

This is where 9apps come to the rescue. This is an online store, which houses all apps for free. You can download apps from here which are paid on other stores. Here is all you need to know about 9apps.

Why do you need 9app?

It is an app which is completely free to download as well as the apps here are free to download. This is an excellent substitute to he inbuilt play store on android. Moreover the apps it houses are extremely useful and the range it covers is appreciable.

How to download the app?

It is extremely simple. All you need to do is, in the browser of your phone, just look for 9apps apk download. The link will give you the 9apps apk file download, you need to download this and run it. The app gets installed and you can use it easily now.

Is it harmful to the device?

There is this notion that being a third party app it might be harmful, but nothing to worry. It is completely safe and virus free. It does not contain any malware which will harm your device or data in any way.

Will it work on your iPhone?

Unfortunately, it is available for android os and not the ios yet. This might be introduced soon for the phones too.

With which software and version is it compatible with?

There is absolutely nothing to worry about. No matter what version of the software you use on the phone, you can still easily download the 9app and use it. The best feature of this app is the fact that it can be downloaded and used flawlessly without having to update your phone software.

What needs to be done is an error pops up?

If in case an error pops up restricting you to download the app, it is just because the Android protects its software by not allowing any third party apps to install. This opens its vulnerability to malware. You can easily switch this feature off under the security and privacy tab. Just go to setting, look for the security and privacy tab. Switch the button off under the statement unknown source download.

Are Games there too 9apps?

Oh yes. There are numerous game available, from all genres. And amazingly all are free. You can easily download them, install their apk file and play them flawlessly.

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