The Future of Coding Education


If you had told someone on the street ten years ago that the future of education would be based around students sitting around computers learning how to create digital pieces of code to build software – they’d probably look at you a little weird. Yet, here we are. There are more developer and programmer jobs out there than in many other industries. There are new coding bootcamps coming into fruition every day and traditional schools are learning that computer science classes should be essential to their curriculum.

And these trends are not going anywhere any time soon. The future of education is inherently connected with that of the computer science and coding worlds. Read down below about some ideas of what we’ll see in regards to the future of coding education.

Coding will be increasingly important to have in curriculums.

As touched on above, the world is becoming more and more reliant on coding to fuel our daily lives. Wherever you look, coding has helped to create the apps on your smartphone, the smart devices you have powering your home, and the software you use at work. The basic coding skills uses to start projects like this are going to become more and more crucial to be taught in schools because this is where a ton of jobs are and will continue to be. Those who learn coding will be at the top of the economic pack.

There may continue to be a lack of coding teachers in traditional schools.

Because traditional schools have yet to catch up fully with the coding and computer science trend, there may be a lack of qualified teachers who can teach these subjects in traditional schools. Coding schools like may continue to be one of the only physical locations where students can learn how to code. Of course, this is coupled with online courses that are available far and wide across the Internet.

Online coding classes will continue to be the most popular learning mode.  

As mentioned above, coding classes that are available online are going to continue to be one of the most popular and accessible modes of learning how to code. Many people don’t have traditional schools around them or the money for coding bootcamps. But a ton of people around the world have access to the Internet and online classes. That’s why most people believe the future of coding will continue to be taught through that platform.

There will be no shortage of jobs.

It’s incredible how many high-paying jobs there are and will continue to be in the programming and developing spheres. In fact, last year in 2016, eight of the top 25 jobs were in the technology sphere – perfect for those people who know how to code. Education will continue to be shaped largely by this trend in the future.

If you’ve ever wondered what our kids will be learning 10 or 20 years down the road, you’d better add computer science and coding to the top of that list!

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