The Future of Headphones And Running – What Will Be Fashionable Next Year?


Trends are changing rapidly, and each year we see new up and coming trends replacing the old ones only to be replaced by newer, fresher trends in turn. This also goes for sport headphones, and if you are a runner who wants to purchase the trendiest pair of headphones, then you definitely need to pay closer attention to the future trends of sport headphones and get the latest scoop on what will boom next year.

When it comes to sport headphones, and running headphones in particular, practicality has always been at the center of it. Runners do not want to fiddle with their headphones or having to slow down every five minutes just because their ear buds keep on falling off, and this practicality has driven the sport headphones industry to create a more comfortable and durable pair of headphones that will withstand even your most rigorous runs. More and more headphones out there will be sweat-proof so that they can handle even hours of hard work out as well. And if you prefer wired headphones to wireless ones, you will be glad to know that tangle-free cord continues to be the norm so you do not have to worry about it being a hassle during your run.

A lot of sport headphones now offer amazing integration with smartphones running on both iOS and Android, and many of those headphones offer features that go beyond allowing you to skip a track or two during your run without having to open your phone at all. Take Jabra, for example, whose flagship sport headphones, Jabra Sport Pulse, comes with a built-in heart rate monitor to help you see for yourself how intense your workout is. There are also features such as power-saving hibernation mode available in recent models that allow you to squeeze an extra hour or two from your headphone by automatically turning your headphones off when they are not in-use. Battery lives of sport headphones are also getting longer and longer, with eight hours of battery life being the norm these days. Of course, sport headphones are also getting sleeker by year–while headphones usually only come in black, it is now easy to find the top headphones for working out in bright colors such as yellow and red that looks aesthetically pleasing. There are even those with additional feature such as LED light to aid your visibility during nighttime runs.

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