The new era of bendable display in LG’s world with G7


At the end of February 2017, the world-famous company LG introduced a new model of its flagship smartphone – the LG G6, which was first shown to the public at the international exhibition MWC in Barcelona. After the successful launch of LG G6, the company is now deliberately working for its upcoming champion LG G7 and it is anticipated that it will launch in the month of January in 2018. The release date of G7 beast is kept earlier than its rival Samsung Galaxy S9 to compete with it.

A modern look at the familiar design

The era of compact devices (with screens up to 5 inches, inclusive) is coming to its logical conclusion. What was once considered a “spade” – has now become the norm, and smartphones with screens of 5.5 (or more) inches longer seem so cumbersome? The upcoming beast LG G7 will follow the same trend of big displays and will surprise the customers with its 5.8-inched bendable display design.

Members appreciated the convenience and the possibility of large displays. Therefore, manufacturers have gone further and have begun to increase the diagonal screen for its G6, while maintaining the compact size devices. Achieving this goal is made possible by minimizing the framework around the screen so that the G6 display on the front panel takes the most space, and body size did not increase. Keeping the view of the best design concepts of the previous flagships of LG, it is sure that the next upcoming LG G6 beast will rock next year when it comes to it alluring beauty and modern hi-fi appearance.

Due to the narrow confines, the manufacturer refused to the mechanical Home button in favor of the system keys on the screen. LG G6 was no exception – the novelty is equipped with a gorgeous 5.7-inch IPS LCD-display with Full Vision technology and resolution matrix QuadHD + (2880 by 1440 pixels). Despite the very large screen, the smartphone still comfortably operated with one hand, because frame around the perimeter is virtually absent. By the way, the LG G6 is the first smartphone that has the Screen Aspect Ratio – 18: 9. In fact, the screen became more elongated, which allows you to display more content – your favorite games and movies will play with new colors. Even change the feel of watching news feeds online portals. It is worth noting that, even with a minimum framework, the manufacturer was able to completely eliminate the display response to being pressed accidentally. For the modernistic design of LG G7, LG has implemented an OLED bendable screen for its upcoming beast having 4K resolution and a great achievement in its camera feature. Many factors are responsible for the stunning camera quality of LG G7 – The Dolby Vision, HDR 10, 12MP front camera and 22MP Dual lens back camera. The super-duper pictures of G7, as per the rumors, will provide you wide-range colors, realistic images somewhat similar to the DSLR cameras with incredible amazing effects.

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