Three Ways Businesses Can Use Digital Wallets to Increase Sales


As many people shift toward cashless transactions these days, technology is also catching up to cater to many users’ needs. One such innovation that has many uses is a digital wallet. A digital wallet is anything that can house a user’s credit and debit card information via a mobile application. One example of this is Google Pay, but there are other types of digital wallets that many users prefer. Here are some reasons why Americans love digital wallets:

  • They are incredibly convenient—people can pay with the literal tap of a finger
  • Most, if not all, digital wallets are user-friendly, which is a necessary trait because not everyone is tech-savvy
  • They eliminate the need for cash or too much physical interaction—a plus in the time of COVID-19.

Did you know that your business can use digital wallets to drive and increase your sales? Suppose your brand has goals that you need to reach before the year ends or add this strategy to your roadmap for the coming year. Here are some ways you can maximize digital wallets and help your business increase its profit.

Partner with a Digital Payments Solutions Firm

If tech is not your company’s strongest suit, then you might not have all the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to maximize digital payments solutions on your own. Partnering with an agency whose thrust is digital payments will help you gain the following:

  • Unlock the many financial benefits of digital payments
  • Provide with the best software, application, and channels through which your customers can pay online
  • Come up with various types of digital payment options, like an online Visa card or gift card, and not just a one-size-fits-all solution
  • Keep your financial transactions—and the sensitive information of your customers—safe and secure
  • Promote your brand as one that customers can trust with their financial transactions and data

While you can certainly learn the fiscal benefits of digital wallets, a team of specialists can help you truly maximize its potential in driving your sales. Think of this as another investment that can help your business reach its financial goals moving forward.

Improve Customer Experience

When the landscape is incredibly saturated, one thing will stand out to consumers: Their experience with a business. It’s no longer primarily about the products and services per se; the race will be about who can provide customers with the fastest and most convenient experience without sacrificing quality. It’s clear that now more than ever—the first experience that a customer has with brands is their online or digital connection with them. As such, businesses can leverage digital wallets to enhance customer experience. Here are some strategies you can employ to create a better customer experience:

  • Let people know that their information is secure through a public privacy policy. Don’t just pay lip service—really take steps to truly protect their data.
  • One of the biggest deal-breakers for consumers is a credit card decline, so make sure your system doesn’t decline the payment. Don’t give up; get strategic. Make sure your checkout process is clear, simple, and reminds people to double-check their information. If a decline happens and it’s out of your control, create a process that will allow you to contact the customer. This way, you can ask how you can help them in the process of completing their purchase.
  • Make sure your website—and particularly your cart—is well-designed. The layout and design should align with your branding, but it should also be easy to add, remove, or edit products as the customer sees fit. Perhaps most importantly, your checkout process needs to be as straightforward as possible so that your customer isn’t tempted to abandon the process just as they’re about to complete the purchase.

Explore special services and promos

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in exploring digital wallets is thinking that the only thing they can do is facilitate payments. There are so many features and special services that you can explore:

  • You can make use of gift cards and coupons that can provide customers with digital points, which can then turn them into loyal customers.
  • There are exclusive deals that can help users save some money, and you can do it through special promos.

Think of digital wallets as another tool that can help propel your marketing efforts forward and not just a way for your customers to pay for their purchases.

Now is not the time to sleep on digital wallets and the benefits they present. Look into more opportunities to increase your sales through this incredible tech tool, and don’t let your business miss out on its potential. Good luck!

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