Tips for a Successful SharePoint Migration


Do you own one or multiple websites? Did you use SharePoint to create it?

Did you know that over 200 million users rely on SharePoint? That’s a lot of users wanting to perform a SharePoint Migration.

There are many reasons to migrate to SharePoint, but how can you do it? This guide explains five tips for a successful SharePoint migration.

What Is Sharepoint Migration?

Microsoft SharePoint has received several upgrades since its creation. The most recent came with the upgrade to Microsoft 365. 

But what happens to all the old data? SharePoint migration allows users to have access to data created from older versions of the software. It migrates it with the new system. 

It’s a simple process to understand on paper. But, how can you make this easier when enacting this migration?

Build Your Inventory

If you follow the SharePoint governance rules, you should be up to date with an active inventory list. Maintain the upkeep of information on your inventory. This will help you to make the migration process much smoother. 

An up-to-date list will include all the files you wish to migrate and what you want to do with them. What action do you plan to run for each one? Take note of this for the migration.

Check Your Work in Progress

Go over all your active workflows. During the migration, active workflows can tend to change. You can easily solve this problem. 

By maintaining an inventory, you will see exactly how many active workflows you will have. Find all the active workflows and either cancel or complete them. 

Do this before the migration begins. The SharePoint migration manager will migrate your inventory without any problems.

Look Into New Features

One of the benefits of SharePoint migration is tool updates to your software. Look into what new features and tools will be arriving with the latest update. 

Now, go back to your inventory list and plan how to rearrange your data to fit the new system. Go over old data you don’t wish to keep and plan what you want to do with each one. Doing this before the migration will save you time after the update. 

Plan Your Strategy

Plan a strategy for the migration. Doing so will make the process far smoother. Look at your inventory list ahead of time and add a note for each item on this list. 

What items do you plan to Migrate? Which ones do you wish to remove? Are there any that you may want to rebuild after the migration? 

Creating a plan and follow it will cut the chances of problems arising during the migration.

Plan Your Communication

If you have ever worked in a business, you will know how important communication is. Are there multiple people who will be part of the migration process? If so, communicate everything you do. 

Have you hired extra help, such as, for your migration? If so, keep a steady flow of communication with them as well. 

Successfully Migrate

Now you know a few tips to help with your SharePoint migration. Which ones will you use? 

Maintain your inventory. Plan your strategy. Hire extra help for the migration.

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