Tips to quickly get more views on your YouTube videos


On YouTube, there are thousands of individuals with incredibly large audiences. People who, by posting a simple video of them on their couch eating. These You Tubers have developed get more views on you tube such impressive audiences, that the companies pay them generously to use their products during their videos.

If you want to touch, aim

Before you still create a video, it’s significant to believe about your SEO angle. When citizens are on YouTube or Google, they inquire question to the search engine. How to fitter my blue dress? »,«? ” Your role is to assess the relevant questions people ask in your niche and to answer them in the best possible way. You can use to give you ideas. We still just use YouTube’s auto-suggestion.

Then you have to go to the results of your query and evaluate if enough people are looking for that kind of content.

If you want to touch, aim

If you mark “How to Make Money “, there will be several videos of 100,000+ views that answer exactly that question. Well, that’s an indicator that there is a good amount of research.

  • The bigger the pie, the easier it is to carve a piece.
  • In short, aim for the most popular search queries in your niche! You will be surprised at how easy it is to arrive at the first results.
  • #YouTube The bigger the pie, the easier it is to carve a piece.
  • The name of your file !!!
  • The second step when you put a video online is to change the name of the file you are uploading.
  • If your file looks like mov_003.mp4, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to tell YouTube what your video is going to be about!
  • The name of your file should be exactly the query you have targeted on YouTube!
  • For example, the file for this video was titled How to get more views on YouTube.mp4.

The title of your video is super important!

For clear reason, the name of your video is super important. This is probably one of the elements that have the most weight in calculating the relevance of your video.

  • That’s why it’s important to have an excellent title.
  • Yes, it should use the words used in the query you have targeted, but it does not stop there.
  • In search results, YouTube calculates the click rate your video receives! We must have a name that powerfully encourage citizens to tick.
  • There are thousands of habits to create a high-class title, but here is an simple way that mechanism well.
  • Use a figure, get more views on you tube then an adjective, ending with the targeted search query. Of route, you can combine the order as you like according to the context.
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