Top 5 Uninstallers to Completely Remove Software from PC


Uninstaller softwarejQuery15209841360116193654_1348485657838 Yes, that is the right expression that most of us have on our face when we have heard about it. And the thoughts that are going to pop up in your mind right after that is Windows already provide the users with an integrated uninstaller therefore there is no need of it. However, many of us are not aware of the fact that as we uninstall any program from the computer many portions of the file are left behind which are no more needed by the users. These junks files uses up a lot of space in the hard disk and also slows down the performance of the computer.

I am sure no one likes to use a slow PC. So, here comes the role of the uninstaller that will guarantee to remove all the junk files from the computer while uninstalling any program. Now, you must be wondering about the best uninstallers available at present that will be extremely useful to speed up the operation of the computer.

Here is a list of the 5 best uninstallers that you can consider installing to get back the lost dynamism of your computer.

1.Cleanse Uninstaller Pro

This is an extremely efficient uninstaller that will not only assist in removing the junk files from your computer but it is comes with another exclusive feature whereby you can copy the necessary files in case you need it. Moreover, this software can be also directed to create a back up of the program that is being uninstalled using it. Thereby, if you have executed some wrong uninstallation, then those files can be retrieved easily.

2.Revo uninstaller

This is one of the best uninstaller available in the market at present. The interface of this software is extremely simple, thereby letting the users to make optimal utilization of this software. When the users uninstall any program through it, the software automatically shows all the files that are needed to be deleted along with it. Moreover, this software also helps in cleaning up the folders storing temporary files and with its help it will be also possible to edit the file registry.

3.Advanced Uninstaller Pro

As the name suggests this uninstaller software comes with some progressive features along with the basic task of completely removing the associated files of a computer program. From the time of installing any program it scrutinizes its activities and performance and at the time of uninstallation not even a single trace of the program is left behind.

4.Iobit uninstaller

With the help of this software it is possible to categorize all the computer applications that are running in your PC in accordance with the size as well as the rate of use of the users. This information is vital when the users need to delete some applications from the hard disk due to shortage of space and cannot decide which one to uninstall. This uninstaller will enlist all the programs that you would not need and thereafter remove them. This uninstaller will also come useful if any program needs to be forcefully removed from the computer.

5.Your Installer

This is one of the best uninstaller available in the market at the present time that will completely remove the files of a program and it cannot be recovered using any other programs.

These are the 5 best uninstallers that can be used for the smooth running of the computer by removing all the unwanted files and folders associated with software. By using these uninstallers it will be possible to increase the longevity of the processor of your computer.

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