Top 7 ways Optifog Technology Improves Performance of Prescription Lenses


People who wear glasses are often faced with the dilemma of fog whenever they enter a humid or hotter environment. Your glasses can fog up anywhere like at home from cooking or at the frozen foods section in the market. Though this fog can be easily cleared away by removing and cleaning your glasses, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do so because your hands are already preoccupied holding onto other things.

The introduction of Optifog technology has proven to be a boon for weak-sighted people. Prescription lenses made from this technology have made our working lives even better.

1. Eliminating Fog While Driving

People have to drive to work along with dropping the kids off at school and taking care of dry cleaning and supermarket chores almost every single day. And having fog appear on their glasses can really ruin the day.

You may have a heated car blocking out the chilly weather on the outside, but sometimes, little things like a cup of hot coffee or cocoa can render you virtually blind. The hot breath that bounces off your coffee travel mug cover can directly result into fog formation on your lenses. Using prescription lenses made from Optifog technology can prevent unfortunate accidents. GetLenses stock a great range of colored contact lenses.

2. Averting Kitchen Disasters

Cooking time usually consists of dealing with fog vapors evaporating from pots placed on burning stoves. Cooking a decent meal involves checking up on your dish from time to time which also results in regular exposure of fog vapors.

You can’t always stop and look around for a tissue or napkin to clear the fog from your lenses. And there’s also the issue of placing a hot lid safely over the counter which you can’t do with all that fog covering up your glasses. Using lenses made from Optifog technology can save your dish and keep you out of harm’s way at the same time.

3. Undisruptive Sporting Activities

Several sporting activities involve wearing sports glasses which are cushioned. These supportive paddings installed along the frame line help protect a sportsman’s eyes from potential danger. Sports glasses trap the heat and sweat vapors emitted by the face causing recurrent fogging. This forces the players to get out of the playing field from time to time for cleaning them up. Optifog lenses help a player continue his sporting activities without disruption.

4. Motorcycling Safety

Motorcyclists are often challenged with fog culminating on their prescription lenses. The changing weather and inward breathing can also contribute to fog build-up inside the helmet making it difficult to see. The fog build-up eventually leads to road accidents and fatal injuries. Prescription glasses constructed with Optifog technology can help prevent these roadside disasters.

5. Weather Changes

Weather changes are often unpredictable. You never know when it’s going to start raining or turn completely humid. The cold rain and excess humidity can leave your prescription glasses foggy. This may lead to the stemming of several complications in your daily life chores. For adhering to these unpredictable climatic changes, you need a reliable visionary aid with anti-fogging properties. GetLenses stock a great range of colored contact lenses.

6. A permanent Solution

Using prescription lenses developed from Optifog technology can help you battle the menace of weak-sightedness to some extent. As these lenses do not allow the formation of fog on their surface, people can wear prescription lenses on a regular basis and continue with their daily life routines without the fear of getting hurt or stumbling into an accident.

7. Treatment without Surgery

With the introduction of Optifog technology, lens wearers are given an advantage of not having to resort to expensive surgical procedures. Many people also have a fear of uncertainty surrounding the idea of surgeries. These people can undergo drastic vision changes without being operated on.

Optifog prescription lenses have provided a breakthrough for medical science. The use of this technology has revolutionized lens application on a global level along with millions of satisfied visually impaired lens wearers.

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