Top Common Smartphone Issues and Tips on How to Avoid Them


In today’s digital era, almost everybody got their smartphone at hand. However, these smartphones are far from being perfect. Over time, they will suddenly drop some calls or costing you a little small fortune. In today’s article, it will explain to you the most common smartphone issues and some tips on how to avoid them.

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1. Battery Life

According to a survey, battery power is the most common enemy of smartphone owners. For many smartphone users, there’s nothing worse than having a broken phone battery. Nowadays, people become dependent on mobile phones. Some individuals use it as a map to get you from anywhere you wanted to go. It connects you with other people who live from different cities and even countries. However, a dead phone can give you a feeling of vulnerability. For that there is a device repair service.

Here are the following tips to avoid battery life issues:

  • Ensure that your smartphone isn’t wasting any battery energy. There are lots of different items that can drain your mobile phone’s battery. More often, those are the applications that you don’t really need. To know what apps are draining your phone’s battery, go to your phone’s Settings, choose the Battery menu, and view batter usage and suggestions
  • There are days that you will be busy, so putting down your phone would be impossible. To have a long-lasting battery, you can buy a portable charger or a power bank that can provide you an additional source of power. However, if your phone has a removable battery, it is highly recommended to buy for a spare, so you can quickly swap them when one got drained
  • Make sure to put your phone on the lower power mode, and it helps to minimize the consumption of the battery. It will automatically turn off unnecessary applications and will conserve power as much as it can.

2. Unclear Calls

Indeed, it’s really frustrating when smartphones don’t live up to its name: phone. Usually, voice calls are getting dropped, or you will hear nothing and unclear voices. Though you can see bars on your phone which represent the signal strength, and they are not perfect as it may seem, most cellular network provider giving their best to provide a clear signal copy for all of their users.

If calls are dropped, you will often blame the network service provider for not giving the service you deserved. But the truth is, it’s not their fault. It is something that happens between the cell tower and your phone that blocking the signal. So, as a result, you can’t get a good signal reception.

Here are the following tips which can help you get a good signal:

  • Go outside or move near the window. Because building materials can hugely affect the signal reception that comes from the cell tower. Almost every construction material that is used in building houses or buildings such as wood, drywall, glass, masonry, shingles, can weaken or block the radiofrequency signals as they try to make a pass-through
  • Try going to higher places or areas around you. Ridges, mountains, hills, bluffs, and other similar landscapes can block signal receptions. For example, you’re surrounded by taller trees such as pine trees, your signal will get affected, and call quality will be unclear. Though it may seem unrealistic, it’s true. Because pine trees absorb your cellular network’s RF.

If you experienced the same issues from time to time, consider buying a network signal booster. These kinds of devices boost your closest network signal so that you can experience lesser dropped calls.

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