Touchpal Keyboard – A Free and Amazing Emoji Keyboard


Are you the one who was looking out for an emoji keyboard for your phone since long? Then, your search can end here. The Touchpal has come with an amazing keyboard which offers the easy and fast typing with all curves & prediction. One can input fast more than 1000 emojis, emoticons, GIFs, text faces, stickers easily on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Google Talk, WeChat, SMS/ Text messaging and more.

The Touchpal keyboard is one alternative method that works for all mobile devices which are developed and designed by the CooTek which is Shanghai-based. It is one software app that runs on a different platform that includes iOs, Android, Windows and others. It can stimulate the keyboard on device screen that gets used for entering the text by tapping the screen or sliding a finger between the letters that includes the word.

Acts as an optional keyboard

You can call the Touchpal keyboard as an optional method of text input to all traditional keyboards & default ones which are offered by the device manufacturer. This is a popular keyboard which helps everyone. This is also called as the winner of Global awards of the year 2009 of GSMA.

The top highlights of touchpal

  • It includes more than 1000 colorful themes
  • Emojis, emoticons, languages, GIFs
  • The colorful customizable keyboard, layout and wallpaper
  • Set the personalized photos as the keyboard themes

The Touchpal comes with all useful gadgets that help to improve productivity. It comes with a great Swype keyboard that gets a slide for smooth input. One can also copy, cut or paste the arrow keys. It offers interesting words &emoji prediction. One can also make use of the spelling errors, mistyping auto-correct, powerful error correction and the contextual prediction.

Enhances emojis

This Touchpal keyboard helps in enhancing the next emoji or word prediction with an easy prediction computing of cloud. One can turn text in cute and funny animations. You can also share them on WhatsApp, facebook messenger, Gmail, snapchat, email, YouTube, Vine and others. This also enables the keyboard app for the iOs and androids.

The Touchpal is the one which supports more than 150 languages and is not limited to the English language only. It can also read contacts and allows the import of contact names in the dictionary. One can read SMS and can learn the typing pattern from all sent messages. You can make a phone call right away in one click.

Amazing keyboard layout

The Touchpal for the wear version runs without the phone connection. It supports well the swiping typing on the wrist. The keyboard layout is something which is based on the technology of T+ which combines two letters & one symbol on all the keys and whose layout appears like T.

You can find the overall layout of these letters which follows the common keyboard layout and is QWERTY layout. It comes with the technology of word which predicts the probable spelling and word. The best part as said, it offers the prediction of mixed language and supports many languages.

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