Tracking Concepts and Apps – to Locate a Mobile Phone


The evolution of the mobile technologies have been really aggressive in the recent times. New concepts, improvisations and developments emerges every day, to sophisticate the usability and benefits of the mobile phones, which have turned-out to be an essential thing in each and everyone’s daily routine. Unfortunately, we are very much prone to some regrettable situations, where our phone might get stolen or left somewhere in silent-mode by ourselves. In these situations, the process of searching the mobile phones manually, becomes a much difficult one. To overcome this, lot of mobile-technology-developing personnel have proposed numerous phone tracking concepts, many of which are prevalently used and proved to be highly capable. Those methods possess an extensive ability to find-out or locate the missing cell phones, either when it remains motionless at place or on the move. There are five different techniques to track a mobile phone that are approved and widely used.Network Based Technique: This method, is used to track mobile phones, using the service provider’s network infrastructure. The accuracy of this network-based method is purely based on the concentration of the cell base stations.Handset-Based Technique: This method uses a software program or an application that needs to be installed on the handset to identify its location.SIM Based Technique: This technique works based on the radio measurements, obtained from the handset, using its Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) in the GSM and UMTS standards. Wi-Fi Based Technique: Any crowdsourced Wi-Fi can also be used to track a handset’s location, as it is considered that the GPS-based tracking methods isn’t much fruitful in the indoor conditions. Most of the major smartphone companies are encouraging this technique nowadays, in combination with GPS, GLONASS etc. owing to its improved and comprehensive accuracy.Hybrid Technique: It is named as the Hybrid Positioning system, which could be an advanced phone locator when rolled out for public use after the various research and development processes carried out now. It is an advanced tacking method, which works by obtaining location-based data from both GPS and network information, to offer a superior accuracy.Mobile Tracking AppsAs we all know, there are tonnes of mobile application available online, which are in best practices to track a mobile phone nowadays. Therefore developers create a phone tracker app to find out stolen/missing cell phones based on the mobile platforms on which the phone functions such as Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry etc. Moreover, these tracking features are also available in several spying apps. The spy apps are mobile software applications, which is used to trace whatever a specific person does with his/her mobile phone. Hence, these spy apps are also very much sufficient to find the location of a smartphone. On the top of that they also contain some added features like tracking SMS, browsing history, WhatsApp details, call history etc. Thus, these mobile spying applications helps you to trace and track your kids or friends or employees to know more about them. Some of the mobile tracking spy apps are mentioned below.Android Apps

  • Family Locator
  • Android Device Manager
  • Cerberus Anti Thief
  • mSpy

iPhone Apps

  • iTrack of iPhones
  • Phone tracker for iPhone
  • GPS Location Tracker
  • SpyEra

Windows Apps

  • Phone tracker
  • Cell Phone Tracker Lite
  • FlexiSpy

Thus, these are some of the essential methods to strengthen the process of tracking mobile phones and also applicable for various mobile platforms.

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