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There are several things for which one needs tubular heaters. For example, if there is an application which needs a uniform source of heat on a segmented area, you should use the tubular heater because it is the most effective heating source of all. There are so many things that make tubular heaters so dynamic and the best choice. Being flexible in nature, these heaters are used for varied applications. It can be designed in various dimensions, configurations and shapes. Moreover, they are actually versatile as you can form them virtually in any shape of your choice. We Are Tubular Heaters provides a huge range of heaters, heater accessories, heater guards and spares. Here we elaborate all the elements of tubular heater that will make you understand its versatility and usages.

We Are Tubular Heaters Featuring Sheath Materials –

By Sheath materials, we mean the heaters to be chosen as per the material which has to be heated onto it. In addition, while selecting the sheath material, you should also consider a specific need of your application. Mostly, people use sheath materials like aluminium, copper, steel, 304/316 stainless steel etc. These materials enable the tubular heaters to form precision. When the precision is formed, you can securely fit these heaters in the milled grooves for varied sorts of surfaces. Besides these attributes, the ratings of voltage for these heaters can also be designed according to the specifications of the application.

Termination Alternatives On Heating Elements –

On tubular heaters, the termination alternatives can come in standard option or as fully customized option. Here again, it depends on the application nature that ensures the selection of the termination. The most frequently used options for termination on tubular heaters include bulkhead fittings, lead wire, or threaded stud terminal option. Though if the application for which you are seeking tubular heater can expose to highly rough conditions or will come in high-moisture surroundings, you should go for custom termination options as they increase the safety process.

A tubular heater that has the appropriate terminal choice and a right design always offers seamless efficiency, great versatility and reasonability in operations.

Knowing Various Applications For Using Tubular Heaters –

There are many commercial, industrial, and individual usages of the tubular heaters. Though depending on the major usages of these heaters in varied segments, we have categorised applications as below:

  • Defrost Heaters – These heaters are often used for large scale refrigeration systems and industrial freezers. They are also used as outdoor usages and compressors.
  • Air Heaters – These heaters are usually used in applications like warm air curtains, infrared heaters, ovens, and radiators.
  • Industrial Heaters – These tubular heaters are used for applications like steam generators, industrial ovens, process air, chemical tanks, water or oil etc.
  • Immersion Heaters – These heaters are equipped in applications like dishwashers, sterilizers, washing machines, boilers, medial or industrial equipment, coffee machines etc.

So, depending on your application need, you can buy the best tubular heaters or other related accessories from We Are Tubular Heaters in the UK.

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