What are 10 Gbps Enterprise Dedicated Servers and do you need them?


Running a business, especially one that tends to sell goods or services online, must have a top-notch server. For this, every business owner must do proper research before choosing the company that will host their web page. See more about hosting in general, here.

Out there, thousands of companies deal with this issue. You can find a lot of firms that will provide hosting for your page, but if you’re running a big business, as we said, you need a server that won’t be just uploading your site on the internet. You need one that will be doing magic.

Why you need a dedicated server?

When you host a page on the basic hosting solutions, you’re getting your page uploaded on the same computer with a bunch of other pages who paid for the same level. If one of them gets hit by a hacker or receives too much traffic, all the other pages hosted there will crash.

Running a serious firm means that you can’t depend on someone else’s situation and care. You need a machine that will be completely yours. Whenever happens something, you’ll know where to look for the problem.

That’s why a dedicated server is the best solution for enterprises. They are fast, have enough capacity, and they have the defense system needed for a serious company like yours. Of course, all this comes with a price, but this is normal. Everything that’s made to be quality is always not the most affordable on the market.

There are more reasons why a dedicated server is a must and you can read about them on http://technokarak.com/top-reasons-to-use-dedicated-servers.html. Everyone has their reasons why they choose this option, and you’ll find yours on the link without a doubt.

Why 10 gbps is needed and what it means?

10 Gigabytes Per Second means that this is the capacity which the serves have when traffic is in question. To understand this better, you should think about all the people being on the site at the same time. Let’s say there are 1000 people on it.

If the site is completely built with just 30 Megabytes, these 1000 people won’t have a problem with opening your page all at once. But, if your server has the capacity of only 100 Megabytes per second, then a lot of these people will have to wait until the server manages to process everything.

Running a company that sells items must have a machine that will be capable of serving everyone at once. If you don’t, a lot of these customers will simply go elsewhere and you will lose a lot of money. That tells you why 10gbps is so important in this case and why you must have it.

Losing money because of not wanting to invest with time is the worst thing you can do as a businessman. Everyone who ever did business knows how important the right investment is. Spending money on a strong, fast, and reliable dedicated server is the best thing you can do for your company. Of course, if you use it for profit.

you use it for profit.


It’s not hard to understand the world of hosting pages. There are a few key terms that you need to know and you can be sure that you’ll understand everything that a salesman is talking to you. In this article, we should why the 10gbps dedicated server is so important.

Of course, if you’re not running a serious business that has a lot of traffic every moment, then you don’t need this. In all other cases, it will be best to invest in a machine that is capable of sorting out all the incoming processes.

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