What are the Best Ways to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Activity?


WhatsApp is the best instant messaging platform one can think of. However, given its lack of security measures, the platform is being used for bad purposes as well. This is where the role of WhatsApp spying tools come into play. A WhatsApp spy tool is amongst them.

Not only that. There are several methods being used for spying on someone’s WhatsApp conversations. Some free and some paid. However, before discussing those methods, we need to understand why one would consider spying on another person’s WhatsApp conversations.

Why Do You Need to Spy WhatsApp?

WhatsApp monitoring takes place when someone wants to know about another person’s WhatsApp activity. Now, there could be various reasons as to why a person would want to monitor someone’s WhatsApp chats.

One of the reasons could be protecting children from online threats lurking on the WhatsApp platform. Since WhatsApp is free, it allows everyone to join the platform. The app is now invaded by bad people as well. Cyberbullies, sexual predators, criminals, you just name it and they would be found on the app.

Parents need to spy on their child’s WhatsApp because they want to make sure the child gets a safe online experience while using the instant messaging app.

On the other hand, the majority of organizations have deployed monitoring tools on their employees’ devices to ensure they are not wasting time chatting with their friends on the app during the working hours or are not leaking the company’s confidential information to a third party.

Similarly, a WhatsApp monitoring tool can be used by any person who wishes to spy on their spouse’s WhatsApp chats to ensure their spouse’s loyalty towards them.

Best Ways to Spy on WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp monitoring is not considered an impossible task anymore, thanks to the evolution of technology and artificial intelligence. We are about to discuss the three most popular and effective methods to spy on someone’s WhatsApp activity.

Keep in mind that methods for spying WhatsApp on iPhone and Android are different and we will be discussing them here.

Spy WhatsApp Using Spoofing MAC Address

This is regarded as one of the easiest and quickest methods to spy on someone’s WhatsApp activity. With this method, you will be able to run the same WhatsApp account on two different smartphones simultaneously with both of them having the same MAC address.

To begin with, you need to first gain physical access to the target phone for a few minutes and also keep your phone side by side. Find the MAC address of their mobile device whether it is iPhone or Android and follow some simple steps. In case the target person has an iPhone, you will head over to Settings, open General, open About and then look for Wi-Fi MAC address.

If the target phone is an Android, head to Settings, open About Device, open Status, and then look for Wi-Fi MAC. Once the MAC address is found, uninstall the WhatsApp on your mobile device. Now you need to change your MAC address with the target person’s address. Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone by entering the target person’s phone number.

You need to ask the verification code to be sent via SMS but keep in mind that this code will also be sent to the target’s phone. Immediately write down the code and delete the message right away, otherwise, you will surely get caught. Now you need to re-set the original MAC address on your phone.

Now if all of these above steps are performed correctly, you should get access to target person’s WhatsApp activity including text messages, pictures, and videos shared on the app.

Spy WhatsApp Using Access iCloud

Using the access iCloud method, you can spy on the target person’s WhatsApp messages. Before using this method, you need to check the chat backup option on the iOS device that you are using. In order to know the chat backup option is enabled or not, you can follow some simple steps.

For iOS 7 users, you need to turn on the WhatsApp setting, click on iCloud and then click on document and data. For iOS 8 users, you need to turn on an iCloud drive from the settings, click on iCloud and then click on the iCloud drive.

Once it’s done, you need to head to the setting options from their click on chat setting option and check whether the chat backup option is enabled or not. After that, download and install the software and then run it. Here you will come across three options but you will select “extract from the iTunes backup file.”

In the end, you need to select the iCloud backup and then click on the scan option. Once done, you will be able to read all the WhatsApp messages of the target person. You also have an option to save or download them.

Spy WhatsApp Using WhatsApp Spy App

A WhatsApp spy app or a WhatsApp spy hacker is also used to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages. This method is known as the most reliable and effective one to monitor someone’s private WhatsApp chat.

It comes in the form of a mobile application as well as computer software that can be downloaded and installed on the target device. Once installed, the spy app will allow you to monitor someone’s entire WhatsApp activity, giving you an insight into their messages, pictures, videos, etc.

For Android users, you need to get physical access of the target phone for a few minutes to be able to install the spy app on their device. In the case of iPhone users, no physical access is required. You just need to have access to their iTunes credentials.

The spy app lets you monitor the target person’s WhatsApp activity remotely from anywhere and anytime. An online dashboard is given by the spy app company to you which you can use to monitor the target person’s WhatsApp activity.

Several WhatsApp spy apps are available in the market but it is important to make the right selection.

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