What are the steps to consider before starting a shipping business?


Shipping is one of those industries which have been progressing at a rapid pace. Those who are in the shipping industry are able to make billions in revenue. In fact, the need for shipping corporations is now being demanded more. If you want to ship freight and send packages to Mexico, it is a lot easier than it used to be.

This ultimately means that shipping is a lucrative industry. There are multiple opportunities for businesses to tap into this industry. However, it is not easy to start your own shipping business.

Following are some of the tips and steps that you must consider before starting a shipping business:

Start with a business plan

You just cannot start business without having a plan in place. It is important to have a business plan. This plan should cover important aspects such as the figures, facts and strategies. If you want to find an investor, such investor would want to have a look at the business plan. It should cover subjects such a target market, selling proposition, pricing strategy, skills, costs, financial plans and other things such as core competencies.

Check the start up cost

A lot of businesses fail just because of money issues. Thus, it is essential to figure out what the start up cost will be. Consider the costs of starting up. Take into account the costs of cargo ship, legal fees of business incorporation, insurance, permits, licenses, rentals of warehouse, office equipment and shipping equipment. These are the costs that you will certainly incur. This is a huge amount of money that you will have to arrange.

Select a location

The next important step is to select a location which will serve your purpose. Not a lot of people will trust you in the beginning. Thus, you need to get a location of your office which is situated in shipping neighborhood. Also make sure that you do not enter into a stiff competition. Location should be ideal for customers. It should be accessible for the customers. Evaluate a strategy which serves best to the customers.

Find a staff

You cannot run a shipping business without a staff. It is the team which will run your shipping business. This is especially in the shipping industry because it is a highly technical field. You will be required to hire technical people. From technicians to customer service team and accountants to supply chain specialists, choose the right team. It can be difficult to set up a right team. Thus, spend sufficient time into finding the staff to get hands on the right people. 


No matter how good your services are, no one will know about you if the services are not marketed in the right way. It is important for shipping businesses to market the services effectively. In doing so, make sure that you focus on conventional as well as digital marketing mediums for effective results.

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