What Can Go Wong with My Laptop Computer?


As you would expect with any complex piece of electronic equipment, there’s a lot that can go wrong with a laptop computer, and in this article, we will deal with hardware issues and for more click here: https://theencarta.com/mov-instruction-8086

Table of Contents

Major Components

The main components of a laptop computer include:

  • Mainboard– This provides the seating for many peripheral components, and should the mainboard malfunction, it will be a costly repair, so much so, that for an older machine, it might not be feasible to replace the mainboard.
  • Central Processing Unit– CPU for short, this device sends the data to all components, and is very much the heart of the system, and this is also an expensive replacement in the event is breaks down. Fortunately, there are expert computer repairs in Shoreham-By-Sea that are carried out by experts, who can quickly diagnose any issue can carry out prompt repairs.
  • Random Access Memory– RAM chips are inserted into the mainboard to provide essential memory space for the operating system to work correctly. These chips can be upgraded, which would usually speed up the machine, although the new RAM chips must be of the right specification.
  • Video Card & Sound Controller– This might be a single component, or two separate cards that slot into the mainboard. The video card provides the essential day for the screen to process imagery, while the sound card (analogue or digital) is responsible for sound.

Whenever your laptop malfunctions, or seems to be running slow, take it to a local computer repair centre and they can sort out the problem.

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