What does it cost to ship a car from point “A” to point “B”?


The cost to ship your car can vary. Whenever you approach multiple companies to get a price quote, you will get a couple of different quotes from different companies. Although the cost to ship a car varies on different factors but on an average, the average cost to ship a car internationally is higher as compared to short distance moves. Apart from distance, there are also some other factors that determine the cost to ship a car.

Factors how much does it cost to ship a car!!!

  1. Figure out how you want to get your car delivered to your new home

Usually, most of the Out of State Moving Companies offer two drop-off and pick-up options. Terminal to terminal car shipping option is less expensive as compared to the door to door car shipping option. Yes, like door to door is little expensive than that of terminal to terminal but it comes with the convenience that makes the extra cost worth of it. Choose any of these two options to get delivered your car.

  1. Determine the type of car transport vehicle you want

The kind of truck you choose to ship your car can affect the total cost estimation to ship your car. When it comes to choose a transportation truck, you will get open car transport and closed car transportation options.

a.)    Open car transportation services

Many people choose an open car transportation carrier option because it is more flexible as well as a cheaper option as compared to the enclosed transportation. But open car shipping option exposes your car to outer elements, therefore, it can be damaged by debris and hard conditions of the environment.

But the risk during transportation your car is low as compared to driving it by yourself. In case, if any paint chips or outer environment damage a part of your car, you can cover it with insurance.

b.)    Closed car transportation services

If you have a highly luxurious and valuable car then choosing enclosed car transportation is an ideal option. It keeps your car protected from foreign materials.

Apart from these factors, other factors like the delivery time, the period you choose can also affect the cost. Consider all these factors to estimate the cost to ship your car. Usually, the price to ship a car internationally lies in between $500 to $1000.

How to reduce your car shipping cost?

  1. Gather multiple car shipping quotes

 Of course, price is a crucial part when it comes to car shipping. Getting multiple Moving Quotes from different companies is a great way to save money. Consider things while looking for the quote:


Almost all the reputable auto shipping companies have insurance included in their price quote. Whether the insurance is primary or secondary as well as check what kind of coverage the insurance company offers. Don’t forget to remove all your valuable items from your car because, in case of theft, these items will not be insured.

Shipping fees

Different moving companies offer services at different price tags. Some companies charge according to the miles while others may charge according to the frequency of shipping between the cities.

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