What Industries Can You Work In With A Communication Degree?


A communication degree can prepare you for a wide range of careers. With strong written and verbal communication skills, you can work in industries such as public relations, marketing, advertising, human resources, event planning, and more. Keep reading to learn about the different types of careers you can pursue with a communication degree.

Critical thinking, strategic communication, and conflict management are just some of the necessary skills you’ll learn when you begin a bachelor’s degree in communications studies.

An online communication degree can be earned through a traditional four-year university or through an accredited online school. Online communication degrees offer students the opportunity to specialize in a variety of different areas, including public relations, advertising, marketing, and journalism. The skills learned in an online communication degree program can be applied to a number of different industries. The coursework will be quick to teach important skills like public speaking, as well as important information about new media, mass media, communication theory, technical writing, and presentation skills. Individuals with a communication degree can find work in a variety of different fields, including: advertising, public relations, marketing journalism, graphic design, event planning, website design, and social media. After completing an online communications degree, many job opportunities will be available to you.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of those job opportunities and provide some insight into what those jobs entail.

Fundraising Coordinator

A fundraising coordinator is responsible for planning and executing fundraising campaigns for a nonprofit organization or school. They work with the organization’s leadership to identify and target potential donors, and develop fundraising materials and strategies. The coordinator also oversees the fundraising process, from initial contact with donors to the final donation receipt. A communication degree can be helpful for this role, as you will need to be able to write effectively and persuasively to secure donations.


Journalism is the process of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. It is a critical part of a free society and helps ensure that citizens are informed about important events and issues.

They work in a variety of settings, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the internet. They gather information from a variety of sources, including interviews, public records, and social media. They then use this information to write stories that are accurate, fair, and impartial. Journalism is a challenging and rewarding profession. It requires a strong work ethic, good writing skills, and a commitment to truth and accuracy.

Event Planning

Planning events is the process of organizing a special event, such as a wedding, party, or conference. It typically involves creating a budget, finding a venue, arranging for catering, and arranging for transportation and other logistics. Event planners may also be responsible for marketing the event and managing attendance.

Media Relations Specialist

A media relations specialist is responsible for creating and managing relationships with the media. They work with reporters and editors to get their company’s story told, and to promote their products and services. Media relations specialists must be able to craft a story that is interesting to the media, and that will promote their company in a positive light. They must also be able to respond to media inquiries quickly and effectively. Media relations specialists must have a good working knowledge of the media, and be able to identify the best outlets to promote their company. They must also be able to write press releases and other marketing materials.

Overall, a communication degree can lead to a variety of occupations in many different industries. The online bachelor of arts degree provides the skills and knowledge necessary for jobs in public relations, advertising, marketing, and journalism. You’ll be more than prepared to work in a professional setting. Many career opportunities await. Communication graduates are also well-suited for jobs in the non-profit and government sectors.

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