What is the download speed when my bandwidth is 512 kbps? How can I increase the download speed?


The speed of internet matters a lot, whether you are using it at your home or office. With technological advancements, every second matter when it comes to productivity at work. In case it takes too long for a website page to be loaded or a file to be downloaded, you may think of upgrading your internet connection. Presently, a large number of people are using unlimited wireless internet. You may reach out to a reputed internet service provider for a stable and reliable connection. People living a digital lifestyle are aware of the benefits of using a fast internet connection.

Broadband internet can be delivered across DSL, cable and satellite. In case your internet connection has got a bandwidth of 512 Kbps, the maximum download speed that your ISP caps is around 64 Kbps. Depending on what time of the day it is, the download speed will vary between 0 Kbps and 64 Kbps.

Increasing your internet speed

You can increase the internet speed by following the steps given below:

Removing the reserved bandwidth

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data, that you can upload or download at any given point of time. The internet service providers, while selling their packages, promise that the users will be enjoying a certain speed. However, at times, you will find that the specified speed is not being achieved on your device. This may happen due to various reasons, and reserving the bandwidth may be one of these. Your computer system may be reserving by default 20% of the bandwidth of the network for QoS traffic, that the QoS Packet Scheduler handles. This is done, so that the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications perform better. Other benefits include better telephony, video conferencing and windows updates.

Turning off the updates

The updates on your application may be turned on. This slows down the network speed to a certain extent. Even if you are not using some of the applications, they run on the background. This consumes a lot of data and slows down the overall process. Therefore, you need to turn these updates off, so that the applications do not consume data when they get updated. This includes Windows updates and other software as well. In case you need to get them updated, you can go for the manual option. Get an unlimited broadband plan, so that you can manually carry out the updates on your computer.

Speed up your device

In order to enjoy a fast internet connection, the overall health of your computer needs to be good. Keep the device optimized in terms of performance. From time to time, check the malware and remove the software that you do not need. This will help in speeding up the device. You must be knowing that during downloads, registry fragments and temp folders get accumulated in the storage areas. These unnecessary things need to be removed from time to time. Otherwise, your PC may slow down and you may experience a slow internet speed.

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