What to Look for in a Data Storage Partner


Data storage is a vital element for any business today. Data Storage Corp is a recognized company that offers these types of solutions. Through their work, they have been able to set a benchmark for other companies to live up to. So what are some the things they feel, and the world agrees, you should look for in a data storage partner?

Services Offered

First of all, you need to look into the goals and mission of the company. Best practice shows that these companies should aim to:

  • Recover and restore data when necessary.
  • Minimize any downtime.
  • Protect data.

Now that you know what such a company should do, you need to learn how they do it. A company like Data Storage Corp has four different data centers, which means they can always be up and running. Furthermore, they focus on always having the newest technology available to their clients. Additionally, they can offer their solutions to IBM iSeries and Windows environments, so that their clients can save both time and money, while at the same time having access to their data at all times, and being secure in the knowledge that everything is safe.

Data storage as a concept is incredibly far reaching. This is why another thing you should look into is the specific services that a company offers. This will ensure that you can have all your needs looked after in a single place. Some of the services that good companies offer include:

  • Email storage.
  • Email compliance solutions.
  • Email archival.
  • High availability replication services.
  • Offsite recovery and backup.
  • Virtualized recovery.
  • Electronic vaulting.
  • Data de-duplication.
  • Continuous data protection.
  • Virtual tape libraries.
  • Telecom recovery services.

Finally, you should look into who a company has work with before. The best companies have clients from a cross section of different industries, including health care, education, government, manufacturing, and business. The more different clients they have, the more likely they are to offer not just the most advanced technologies, but the most varied, including cloud storage, cloud computing, and virtualization, as well.

What Data Storage Corp Offers

So what are some of the things that Data Storage Corp can do if they are so good that they serve as an example to others in their industry? Some of those things include:

  1. The recovery cloud, whereby backup and recovery is done on the cloud. The included infrastructure and DR solutions are there to keep businesses safe.
  2. IBM iSeries cloud solutions, which offers the above but specifically to the IBM iSeries environment.
  3. Message logic, which is a message and email archiving package that is 100% compliant. It can run on an appliance, the cloud, or a virtual machine.
  4. Microsoft Office and email, which includes file sharing, file storage, office online, online instant messaging, and business class email.
  5. Windows and Intel recovery, which includes maintenance of IBM and Windows environments, testing for disaster recovery and backups, and high availability replication.

Taking the above into consideration, it is quite clear to see why Data Storage Corp is so popular!

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