Why Blogging Matters


Valuemags’ business proposition is the selling magazine subscriptions through their website. As many other online businesses, the issue is to get people to find you online. There are ways to collaborate with influential people in related industries to get them to advertise your product on their page. You should first come to an understanding as to how they will get compensated for their work when they get people to convert.

Search engines are another way to get people to find you online. It is not as easy as working with affiliates but it will pay off on the long run. The search engine spiders like it when people post new content on their site regularly. It cannot be a copy/paste from another article since your site will be penalized for that. The way it works is there are multiple crawl sessions a week. The spider begins with the pages that have already been crawled. Then it adds a sitemap data and subsequently finds and uses links on pages that it is currently crawling and adds those linked pages. Valuemags thus makes sure that they continuously share and post fresh and interesting content every week.

The uses of microsites are important in order to get people on a certain page to perform a certain action. If at first you want to see if the domain you bought and worked on is ranking, there is a trick you can use. On Google, you can do a search for “site:example.ca” and if it pops up, you know you’re on the right track. Blogging has become a very important part of SEO. So much so that companies big and small have started using it to becoming industry leaders and using the content used to rank better on search engines. In addition, blogs are crawled and indexed more quickly than static pages. Websites that have blogs get on average 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.

You can even get more traffic from blogs as compared to other kinds of sites. You can use services like Megri Influencer Outreach because as per an online survey, blogs can produce 55% more traffic to your sites as compared to people who don’t. Valuemags does have blogs leading back to their main site. Even though they are competing in the magazine subscription business, there are no kinds of business that blogging will not work with. There is even a statistic where 61% of online consumers have bought something because of a recommendation they saw from a blogger.

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