Why People Are Crazy about 9apps than Any other Third Party Applications


No matter, whether you believe or not, a big market place for the third-party app store is available now. Aside from the Google play store, a popular third party app store has obtained a huge amount of users through its powerful features and functionalities. Are you seriously looking for what is that app store? Well, it is nothing but 9apps, which is the world’s most visited third party app store for the android operating system.

So far, it has more than 140million monthly active users and it is still increasing day-by-day. By the year 2012, it launched but only after three years of its inception, it got a considerable amount of user base. As it is much similar to the Google app store in several ways, it is considered as the best alternative because it assists users to download games and apps without any registration. It is not possible in the Google, as it requires registration to access anything.

Likewise, plenty of reasons are there, which make people go crazy about this third party app store. To know about those interesting reasons, you have to read the article further.

What makes 9apps popular among people?

Take a glance at the aspects, which make people go crazy about this third party application than something else.

  • This outstanding application renders a complete option for easy download of all categories of applications
  • Offer the freedom of accessing anything in the app environment without any registration and hassles
  • There is no need to pay anything for using the application because everything including premium app is free in this store
  • Offers a high level of convenience for free to the maximum extent, which players cannot expect in somewhere else
  • Provide a better solution for both downloading and installation of the application
  • Access everything easily because it is available in the organized and professional manner for easy access
  • Find paid apps, ringtones, music, games, videos, wallpapers, and others at one destination without searching here and thereby wasting your time

Know the ways to use 9apps

Upon downloading the 9apps from its official site, simply install it on your portal device by checking “allow unknown source installation”. It lets you avail applications and games from different sources apart from Google. As soon as you have completed this process, you must launch the application.

In the search box, enter the application you are eagerly looking for or find whether it is available in the latest, top trending, and popular tags in the home page. Of course, it is quite consuming to find the right application among huge selection but using the right keyword will make everything easier.

Once you have found the application, simply press the install button. You will get the application in the apk form. Install and use it whenever you want without any hassles. If you start using this play store frequently, the app will render the best suggestions based on your search history. It eliminates the need for searching for the application.

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